Day Two of the Milestone’s 42nd Anniversary Featuring: Bo White, Can’t Kids, Andy the Doorbum (electric) and Wiggle Wagons

Day two of the Milestone’s 42nd anniversary weekend was surely the most anticipated out of the bunch. With Bo White, Can’t Kids, Andy the Doorbum electric (Andy the Rock Band) and Wiggle Wagons it was pretty much guaranteed that the night would be an interesting bro-down kind of night that involved copious amounts of alcohol, […]

Review: Kittie, SkinKage, Kelen Heller, Diamond Plate, and Dirge Within at Ground Zero

Spartanburg, South Carolina’s Ground Zero is a perfect venue to catch a metal show. Its rustic insides covered with flyers and other accidentalartwork fit the guttural sounds and feelings inspired by and from the genre. On Saturday, September 3rd I was able to catch such a show. North Carolina’s own Skinkage opened the festivities. Their […]