Rebirth of Metallica?

Rebirth of Metallica? By: James Geiser  | Photos by: Dianna Augustine It has almost been 10 years since we have heard any new music from one of metal’s most iconic bands, Metallica, but fans of the originators of thrash metal won’t have to wait much longer for a new album from the band. Metallica plans […]

The Many Faces of Weenie Roast 2015

By Amanda Caines Weenie Roast 2015 kicked off at 1 p.m. with an introduction by the illustrious Divakar of 106.5’s local/indie show 90 Minutes Plus. As he pointed out, he has done so for all the past weenies over the twenty years the station has been in Charlotte. First up was JAGGERMOUTH, the Local Weenie, […]

20th Anniversary of Tangents

Dickie Typoe goes on Tangents after 20-year hiatus Written by Molly Shores Interview by Dianna Augustine Some of you may be unaware, but there was once a Charlotte-based magazine called Tangents, run by the infamous mogul Dickie Typoe. It began in 1995, filling pages with local bands, news and the overall weirdness that has always […]

“Uncle” Rob Thomas, Plain White T’s and Vinyl Station at Uptown Amphitheatre During Stink Storm

Find out about the smell everyone is talking about and how each performance made up for it. // Thomas of Matchbox Twenty played the Uptown Amphitheatre last night; joining him was Plain White T’s and Vinyl Station. Thomas and Plain White T’s are both touring with new albums, and Vinyl Station is enjoying their first […]

How Koo Koo Kanga Roo Could Cultivate a Thriving Music Industry

// If there’s one GMO that I hate most, it’s General Music Obtuseness: when audiences grapple at the music they ‘love’ so much for the least amount of money. I understand saving toward important things, but I once overheard someone say “you’ll pay three dollars a day for coffee, but you won’t spend money on […]

River Jam Concerts at USNWC

River Jam Concerts at USNWC Every Thursday and Saturday night at 7pm – 10pm, through September 24, the U.S. National Whitewater Center holds River Jam. This is a concert series that Shutter 16 has fallen in love with, so we have chosen to highlight their swell line-up and ambiance. With the summer too hot during […]