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When reviewing the new video “Savor The Kill“” from the band Darkest Hour.   The Washington DC Natives. just recently had to drop off of New England Metal Fest due to the birth of a tiny Darkest Hour .  guitarist Mike Schleibaum and wife welcomed a healthy baby girl into the world a little bit early. All are well now.  This video was produced by  Ramon Boutviseth who has worked with the man below front man Brandon Boyd of Incubus.
Brandon Boyd, from Calabasas California is no spring chicken to the camera. His band Incubus is a world renowned act that has toured most of the free and non free world! His solo album has been met with decent remarks and shows a different side to the crooner. His ambient vocals and soul shows in his works. There is not a thing this man can touch I am not thankful for.  His video here “Last Night A Passenger” takes you through the womb into the light.  The bass is magnificent in this song.
The Red Chord is an American grindcore band hailing from Revere, Massa chutes . Formed in 1999 their album debut of 2002 with their first EP gained them a decent fan base that has done nothing but rise since. Lucky enough to be playing such things as SXSW, Ozzfest, to name just a few.  The video below is their latest video “Demoralizer“. Enjoy.
Underoath was founded in 1997  but none of the founding members are still amongst the members.  They are openly Christian. This is a single off of their 2010 release Ø (Disambiguation) titled “In Division“. An interesting look at the ways we have advanced in metal and videography. Underworld’s unite.
Ashville, Nc’s Stephaniesid are a magacial band made up of three bass members and along the way they pick and choose members to add depending on the night.  They exude every single strand of “what a touring band” should be.  Energetic, positive, talented and accessible!  Here is a little video all about them. I believe this video won an award as well. Enjoy!
(from their website)


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