Submissions and how to get them to us:

Bands, PR reps, managers, fans, record companies, whomever:

We are accepting submissions. Suggest a band we should cover, listen to, come out and see. Submission is free and if we like what we hear we might showcase you for others to hear!


The SoundCloud DropBox below is our preferred method of submissions.

If you would like for us to preview your songs before your album goes live, release tracks exclusively through or have a CD release on our site, please include this information in the email or submission title.

Please include your website, myspace, facebook or any other site relating to your music.

By Email:

Follow this format to send us song submissions:

Subject: Artist Name(s) – Song Name(s)

Your Name:

Artist Name(s):

Your Email address:

Your Message:

Artist’s Facebook Fan Page:

Send emails to

We prefer that you attach songs that are able to be streamed or have a youtube video in the email. If you choose to attach songs, make sure the songs are in mp3 format. If you do not know how to convert m4a’s and wav’s to mp3′, iTunes makes it easy with a convert to mp3 button under the advanced tab.

If you choose to send Mp3 downloads, depending on who is listening that day you might get overlooked with the fact that now adays it’s easier to send us somewhere that has an uploaded stream in 10 seconds compared to loads of minutes. It adds up when we sift through 100s of emails. Just a hint, you have more of a chance of us listening if we can get  to it quicker. Digital is god-like.

Important note: We receive a good amount of submissons and have our own schedules. So unfortunately, email responses are not guaranteed but we will attempt to get back to you as soon as we can. Please be patient.

Other services we are offering:

*Interview spots
*CD Reviews
*Live Reviews
*Have our photographers come do a half day/ full day coverage (prices vary) (NC, SC,CA, VA, NY, and traveling/touring photographers for documentary pieces as well)
*Have one of our talented writers produce your bio or any other desired wordage

Please contact us for more information


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