The one and only: Common’s Aahh! Fest

The one and only: Common’s Aahh! Fest   Written and Photographs by Kate Scott // Hip-hop legend Common has always been vocal about supporting his hometown of Chicago, and in 2014, the Academy award winner started Aahh! Fest to raise money for Chicago’s at-risk youth and provide a festival full of local and global talent. […]

11 things learned at Music Midtown 2k16

Hello from the other side! No, this isn’t an Adele reference. This is me greeting you from the afterlife because Atlanta’s own Music Midtown rocked my world. Although I’ve been to a fair share of concerts, Music Midtown was my first true festival experience; I hit up Hopscotch Music Festival last weekend, but I spent […]

The South’s best kept secret: Hopscotch Music Festival

The South’s best kept secret: Hopscotch Music Festival If you’re anything like me, you’re suffering from some serious post-Hopscotch blues. The seven-year-old festival kicked off last Thursday, September 8th and was a nonstop plethora of live music, food, beer, and did I mention live music? With over 30 “darties” (a term coined by local news […]

What you missed at Leeds Festival

What you missed at Leeds Festival Check out a gallery of the madness here! // I was sent to Leeds and given the Relentless stage to cover, and when I heard this news my first thought was “…But I know nothing about dance music, deep house, and DJ sets.” As it turns out that wasn’t […]

Leeds Festival (Relentless) do not miss it!

Leeds Festival – do not miss it! The time has come! Leeds Festival is here and, from the looks of the it, is ready to party. August 26-28 is going to be a three-day-long dream filled with excellent music and beautiful weather (we hope). The talk of social media has tagged the 2016 lineup as […]

Ramblin’ Man festival rocks (part two)

Ramblin’ Man festival rocks (part two) Having been a fan of Europe many years ago whilst still at school, I had never imagined seeing them live but this all changed a few years back and I have been fortunate to catch them several times since and they’ve always put on a great show. Frontman Joey […]