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A Bit about US.

Shutter 16 Magazine is the collaboration of many enthusiastic and dedicated music journalists with a passion for the lens or written word.

With a broad spectrum of talents and specialties, there are no limitations to the music Shutter 16 will cover. Our goal is to give back to the art that encompasses our life and to employ a professional and knowledgable staff with a wide variety of tastes to ensure no genre is neglected- underground and mainstream alike.

From local dives to the photo pit at arenas, Shutter 16 journalists can be found anywhere there is live music. We love it all. From the nitty-gritty to the shiny and polished, we do not discriminate against any music scene and we embrace our love for anything with a beat through our regular and wide-spanning coverage. With the integration of social media and our trademarked Instagram hashtag, #twitfromthepit, Shutter 16 also strives to connect with our many fans and showcase their role in the experience. Without them, music would play to dead air and our words and photos would be meaningless- just like a life without music.

We want you to be a part of this- your photos, your questions, suggestions, and criticism- because we do this for you- the fans, the musicians, the record labels and the entire music scene. You all are our heart and soul and without you, we couldn’t be doing this.

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Phone: (704) 773-3362