Local Spotlight: Alexa Jenson

Local Spotlight: Alexa Jenson Always on the search for new music in Charlotte, I wandered into the Evening Muse for Open Mic Night. I noticed there were many different artists waiting their turn to perform. At Open Mic Night, anyone who wants to perform, shows up, signs up, waits for their name to be called, […]

Joe Bonamassa golden strums fills Blumenthal

Joe Bonamassa golden strums fills Blumenthal Photographer: Richard Thigpen With a career that spans 16 full albums and near three decades, the blues guitar virtuoso Joe Bonamassa ventured into Charlotte last night to entertain. To those unfamiliar with his career let’s do some catch-up: he has such a collection of gear, vintage guitars, and memorabilia […]

David Duchovny Dazzles Them At The Paramount

David Duchovny Dazzles Them At The Paramount David Duchovny, who most fans identify as Fox Mulder from the hit TV series, The X-Files, wants fans to see him in a different light. As most actors do not want to be typecast, Duchovny decided in his early fifties to take up guitar-playing, something he had always […]

The Evolution of the American Sound

Roots of indie, heavy metal, & alternative rock           One Sunday afternoon circa 1989 I heard “I Live in the Springtime” by the Buzz Saw on Bill Kelly’s Teenage Wasteland on listener-sponsored Upsala College’s WFMU. The station has always been difficult to pick up in Brooklyn, it comes over a little better in a car radio […]

Son Volt bring notes of blue

Son Volt bring notes of blue Back in 1995, the year Son Volt released their first album Trace, the term alternative country was just gaining traction. Now, the moniker is about as useful as a term as alternative music is when applied to a musical genre. Nevertheless, Son Volt, the brainchild of Jay Farrar, a […]

Ricky Lov kicks off the Living Gypset music series

The ALM scene is kicked up a notch at the Gibson Showcase in Beverly Hills Patrick O’Heffernan (Beverly Hills) Powerhouse Latin fusion music promoter Julieta Isela of The Living Sessions teamed up with Gypset Magazine publisher Diana Carolina last week to launch a dynamite music series, kicked off by LA-based Latin heartthrob Ricky Lov at […]