Finding Hidden Hospitals

Finding Hidden Hospitals I am always looking for new music to listen to. There is nothing more fun than discovering a new band and sharing your discovery with someone else who appreciates great music. Sometimes the search for new music can be daunting, but sometimes, if you’re lucky enough to write for a music magazine […]

Lara Americo’s ‘She/They’ upcoming release gives our Editor-in-Chief unprecedented chills

Lara Americo’s ‘She/They’ upcoming release gives our Editor-in-Chief unprecedented chills “I’m, a human that creates their gender every morning just like everyone else.” -Americo (photos courtesy of Graham Morrison) The best thing about SoundCloud is that you get to see an artist’s transformation from beginning to end. Some aspects of life aren’t so easy to […]

The Mainstream: The Pixies Heavy Head Carrier

The Pixies Heavy Head Carrier Much ado was just made across DIY media (i.e. social media) and mainstream music media celebrating the 25th anniversary of the release of Nirvana’s Nevermind. It would do well to remember that there would have been no Nirvana without The Pixies (and to an equal extent, The Melvins). The controlled […]

Green Day comes around with “BANG BANG!”

Green Day comes around with “BANG BANG!” Deceptively simple-sounding riffs and lyrics permeate every Green Day song. I say “deceptively” because when you listen closely, you discover that these seemingly silly songs about masturbation, stinky breath, nice guys who finish last, and American idiots are actually just as insightful in their own way, similarly to […]

Living All Over You: The Legacy of Dinosaur Jr.

Dinosaur Jr.’s second album, You’re Living All Over Me, was released in 1987, and by 1991, had inspired a bunch of bands to create some pretty crappy music, just like late 80s albums from The Melvins and The Pixies did. I’m not talking about the 1991 albums by Nirvana and Pearl Jam. Those albums were […]