Reinventing the genre with The Japanese House

Spotlight on The Japanese House and her new EP, Saw You In A Dream In case you haven’t heard, The Japanese House is just starting to take the world by storm even though she’s been cranking out tunes since 2015. I first stumbled across The Japanese House a couple years ago on a random “Ones to […]

Vesperteen welcomes Summer with “Insane”

Colin Rigsby’s chaotic love-hate relationship with music is our Summer soundtrack From the streets of Columbus, Vesperteen is on a mission to blur the lines of what a genre truly is with unapologetic lyrics and animated vocals. This statement is just as true as it was back in January when I wrote it as the opener […]

Pam Taylor Will Steal Your Heart With New Album

Shutter 16 had the pleasure of getting a first listen to local singer/songwriter/guitarist Pam Taylor’s new album, Steal Your Heart and, in short, it’s great. We’ve previously had the pleasure of hearing, and reviewing, the first single off the album, “Squeeze Me,” and I’m pleased to say that what I stated in that review about […]

The message we all need: Fear & Faith

Sad music makes us feel better A freshly-turned 18 year old singer-songwriter from Winnipeg, Canada is starting a much needed conversation about mental health, fear, and faith, and we can’t help but want to share it with the world. Meet: Taylor Janzen. With her debut EP, “Fear & Faith,” sending shockwaves through various social media […]

Bare Teeth kick off summer with a gritty new EP

“First The Town, Then The World” out now! The best part about summer, aside from warmer weather and longer days, is the undeniable plethora of new music! From worldwide sensations to underground gems, everyone is releasing something during the warmer months and it’s got me buzzing. On this list of releases is French punk rockers […]