Your Fuzzy Friends $5 Video Series! Episode 5

Week 5 of the Your Fuzzy Friends/Shutter 16 Magazine $5 Video Series brings us G.I.R.L.N.E.R.D.! This time we answered the post I Will Dance Badly As A Unicorn In A Psychedelic Rainbow Video. On top of which, we threw in some creative commons videos, a couple of things from the public domain archives, and voila – […]

Your Fuzzy Friends $5 Video Series! Episode 4

Week 4 of the Your Fuzzy Friends/Shutter 16 Magazine $5 Video Series gives us Mongoloid! Your Fuzzy Friends covered this classic Devo track live for George & Buck’s 5th Annual Halloween Fiasco at the World Famous Milestone Club and decided to record it specifically for use as a $5 video! This time the video was created by comedian Tom […]

Your Fuzzy Friends $5 Video Series! Episode 2

Second week of the Your Fuzzy Friends/ $5 Video Series brings us Banana Hammock! This time we responded to the listing – I Will Make A Montage Footage Video For $5! We are not sure where they found this delightfully strange footage, we are just happy they did! httpv:// For those of you unaware what the $5 Video Series […]

Your Fuzzy Friends $5 Video Series!

Beloved Charlotte band Your Fuzzy Friends is teaming up with Shutter16 Magazine to launch the Your Fuzzy Friends $5 Video Series! For 8 weeks in a row, starting today, Wednesday November 7th, will debut a new video from Your Fuzzy Friends that was made for a mere $5! How is this possible? Well, Your Fuzzy Friends have been […]

Video Vault: May Edition

Pantera has dropped a long-lost, never-before-heard song from Vulgar Display of Power sessions. The single, “Piss,” will be included on the 20th year anniversary re-release of the deluxe Vulgar Display of Power album. Super-fans, don’t kill me and I know these lyrics are twenty years old, but they are definitely rudimentary and some of the […]

This Week in News : Oh boy!

I’m pretty sure that in my half-delusional and sometimes random little mind that these celebrities do half of this stuff for me personally. In turn I get to write about the crazy that consumes them. These dear readers we call journalism gold, how can this stuff be real? I mean beyond the “Toddlers and Tiaras” […]