Walk the Line Between Raw Punk and Mainstream Punk with Calormen

It is a hard world for punk rock these days. There have always been, and will always be, debates about what is punk even within the deep roots of the genre, but never has it been more relevant an argument as it is today. Punk, as most genres, is battling against the slick over-production of the industry. Sometimes, due to this fact, it comes out detrimentally raw, brutal, and hard to listen to. Sometimes it files in with the masses and becomes fodder for the mainstream music press and limelight. On blessed occasions, a band falls into neither trap and simply makes good punk rock. North Carolina’s Calormen is one of these groups.

Garrett Leister, Marshall Wieczorek, Josh Cook, and Lee Herrera are the men behind the madness, each bringing life to the tried and true formula of newer punk rock. Their digital four song EP, titled “And The World Grew Stranger,” is proof of that. Their song “Did You Not See it Coming?” is as anthemic and energetic as anything you may hear at Vans Warped Tour. In fact, most of their tunes possess this unbridled energy and mastery of their instruments and performance in their genre.

They say they are not playing live shows that often, which is a shame because I can only imagine the sound and life of this music blooming to full color and harvest in live form.


Calormen, a set on Flickr.

To check in on these guys so you DO make a live show when it comes, go to their Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/Calormen?sk=info or MySpace page at http://www.myspace.com/calormen. Here you can also find tracks from “And the World Grew Stranger” as well as a chance to download this gem for yourself.


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