Top 25 things we’ve covered this past year

Top 25 things we’ve covered this year By Molly Shores & Dianna Augustine // the year came to a close we reflected on some of our coverage of 2016. Each year we are given the privilege of finding and interacting with some of the best and brightest in the industry. Be it our childhood idols […]

Which Way To Warped Tour: a how-to guide

Which Way To Warped Tour: a how-to guide Written by Jaime Terry  Images by : Dianna Augustine, Gianna Haley, Matthew Pock, and Molly Shores Vans Warped Tour is coming to Charlotte on July 5. You have to go to this festival! Even if you only like one band, go. Even if you’re 60 and still […]

How Messenger Down is Cheating Death

How Messenger Down is Cheating Death If you’ve been involved in the pop-rock scene in the past few years, Charlotte-based band Messenger Down is a familiar name; perhaps even a famous one. The group has seen various lineup changes, played several Warped Tour shows, and cultivated a family of sorts in the local alternative scene, […]

How Koo Koo Kanga Roo Could Cultivate a Thriving Music Industry

// If there’s one GMO that I hate most, it’s General Music Obtuseness: when audiences grapple at the music they ‘love’ so much for the least amount of money. I understand saving toward important things, but I once overheard someone say “you’ll pay three dollars a day for coffee, but you won’t spend money on […]

Miss May I Album Review: Deathless

Miss May I Album Review: Deathless Like clockwork, as summer slows down, my need for new metal has arrived. Just in time, Miss May I are releasing their newest album: Deathless; it drops in a few hours (Friday August 7). You can buy it at their iTunes, via Rise Records. I got a sneak-peek at […]