You ready for Warped? Sweating NOT optional

 You ready for Warped? Sweating NOT optional  Warped Tour 2017 So, sure, the rumored lineup for Warped Tour 2017 wasn’t meant to be. Some of the leak was right, while other parts were a bit off-mark. The truth of the matter is that Lyman is bringing a bit of the old back, while still providing […]

Emo Night Brooklyn gives Charlotte an emo makeover

Emo Night Brooklyn gives Charlotte an emo makeover The year is 2006. My Chemical Romance just dropped The Black Parade, swooping bangs and studded belts were around every corner, and Warped Tour was thriving. Ten years later, you’re all grown up and probably refer to the days of MySpace, extra-skinny jeans, and deep v-neck shirts […]

Which Way To Warped Tour: a how-to guide

Which Way To Warped Tour: a how-to guide Written by Jaime Terry  Images by : Dianna Augustine, Gianna Haley, Matthew Pock, and Molly Shores Vans Warped Tour is coming to Charlotte on July 5. You have to go to this festival! Even if you only like one band, go. Even if you’re 60 and still […]