Editorial: Stop giving R. Kelly your admiration

“You can separate the art from the artist.” Somehow, that’s what R. Kelly’s fans are still trying to tell themselves.Following an extensive and exhausting investigation, Buzzfeed News reporter Jim DeRogatis published his breaking story Monday morning alleging that R. Kelly is reportedly holding girls hostage in a ‘sex cult’. Several former members of R. Kelly’s […]

New to the Airwaves – Upcoming Album Releases

New to the Airwaves – Upcoming Album Releases We’ve got some treats in this list this week, some duds, but new music always gives me good feelings. Especially if you are trying to escape the crazy news of what Trump has done this week, what celebrity had a melt down, and possibly that Kathy Griffin […]

Moogfest 2017: where creativity and technology meet

Where can you find musicians, engineers, artists, social activists, gearheads, scientists, and music lovers all mingling together? Moogfest. This year’s festival honoring the legacy of Robert “Bob” Moog was held May 18-21 in Durham, NC. Spread out over multiple venues in downtown Durham, there were live performances, panels, art installations, workshops, and much more. So […]

Getting down with Robert Randolph & The Family Band

Getting down with Robert Randolph & The Family Band Photos by: Richard Thigpen  An intimate moment with a band you cherish is a once in a lifetime chance to experience the music how the artist’s intends it. How many times have you missed a tour and said “I shoulda, coulda, woulda,” and in the end […]

Run Skeleton Run and Tales of Bloody Bones

Welcome to a conversation with David Childers There isn’t much better than when you get to your mailbox expecting the same ol’ junk, only to find there is a non-descriptive brown envelope in there with your name on it. “I wonder what this is,” I asked myself. I threw the many circulars and statements to […]

Local show gallery spotlight with Shutter Alumni

Local show gallery spotlight with Shutter Alumni If anything, Charlotte, Gastonia, Hickory, Mint Hill, and surrounding cities know how to to throw down with some hometown bands. The hotter and sweatier the pit can be, the better. The more family and friends and new fans that come together to celebrate music and art expression, the […]