Grand Performances with Buyepongo and Sidestepper

(Los Angeles)It was dance, dance, dance with  LA-based polyrhythmic cumbia-rock-funk-merengue band Buyepongo and electroacústica Colombian music group  Sidestepper.  Both dance pavilions at the California Plaza were elbow to elbow with writhing crowds that spilled over into the VIP seats and the picnic areas, rocking out to music that just wouldn’t let you stay seated.  

 BUSH Packs The Streets Of Fourth Street Live!

BUSH Packs The Streets Of Fourth Street Live! Written and photographed by Brandon Hanks It was a long trip to Louisville, Kentucky on this past weekend, but it would soon be a trip that would go down as the hottest and most thrilling event of the year so far! I couldn’t help but become giddy […]

Reinventing the genre with The Japanese House

Spotlight on The Japanese House and her new EP, Saw You In A Dream In case you haven’t heard, The Japanese House is just starting to take the world by storm even though she’s been cranking out tunes since 2015. I first stumbled across The Japanese House a couple years ago on a random “Ones to […]