Column: LA/LA LAND – Intro

LA/LA LAND Patrick O’Heffernan Welcome to LA/LA Land, a new weekly column about music in Los Angeles. Why LA? LA is the undeniable business capital of the music industry in America and, some would say, also its creative capital, although given what is going on in the Nashville music scene now, I think the two […]

New to the Airwaves – Upcoming Album Releases

Tons of new music, out now!  We’ve got some treats in this list this week, some duds, but new music always gives us good feelings. We’re sure you can see which ones we think you should grab and what ones we think may deserve a pass. Dive in at your own risk and let’s hear your […]

X brings anniversary tour to the Queen City

X brings anniversary tour to the Queen City Photographer: Brian BT Twitty Anniversary tours are some of the coolest types of shows out there. In the midst of getting bombarded by nostalgia and jumping around like you did at your first show, you get the hear your favorite songs performed by your favorite people. Classic […]

Sorority Noise runs deep

Well-written, well-crafted, and well-performed: Sorority Noise delivers By: Jackson Sadinsky When I first heard Sorority Noise, I was going through a tough time. In the peak of my teenage angst, I was lost in the storm of confusion and struggle that can only be described as a hormonal atomic bomb – one that every teenager is […]

(Surf) Punk Is Not Dead

Wavves will be coming to Charlotte on April 29th By Jackson Sadinsky Within the past few years, bands such as FIDLAR and Pup have taken the underground scene by storm. With strong riffing, loud, catchy vocals, and energetic free-flowing anthems, surf punk is back – with no intention of leaving again. This California rock sound […]

Impulse Control: when the punk bubble goes pop

Impulse Control: when the punk bubble goes pop Of all the pop/punk archetypes, I like the predictability second most. Firstly, though, I like the identifiable lyrics to which I can belt out due to the simple, (predictable), and repetitive nature. It’s not like singing a diva’s ballad, either— you don’t find yourself jamming a finger […]