The Art of the Music Video

Two key factors that make a good music video, according to photographer Chris Barnes For the last 3-4 decades, we have had the pleasure of enjoying visual masterpieces created to coincide with some of our favorite songs across all genres. However, some videos tend to capture the attention of general audiences and music connoisseurs around the […]

New to the Airwaves – Upcoming Album Releases

Tons of new music, out now!  We’ve got some treats in this list this week, some duds, but new music always gives us good feelings. We’re sure you can see which ones we think you should grab and what ones we think may deserve a pass. Dive in at your own risk and let’s hear your […]

Ali Henderson: Southern heart, alt-rock roots

Gaffney’s got a lot! To grow up in a small town in South Carolina does not equate to a boring life, as demonstrated by the singer-songwriter-magical being that is Ali Henderson. With a voice as powerful as the thunderous storms that have graced the South these last few weeks, and gut-wrenching lyrics to match, Henderson […]

Impulse Control: when the punk bubble goes pop

Impulse Control: when the punk bubble goes pop Of all the pop/punk archetypes, I like the predictability second most. Firstly, though, I like the identifiable lyrics to which I can belt out due to the simple, (predictable), and repetitive nature. It’s not like singing a diva’s ballad, either— you don’t find yourself jamming a finger […]

Matisyahu returns!

King of beats and alt rock shines light through gray skies at the Fillmore by: Kevin Daniels March, 26th, The Fillmore, Charlotte, NC Photographer:  Kevin Daniels of XIIIth PVD A gloomy Sunday evening at The Fillmore was brightened up by a long time purveyor of positive vibes, Matisyahu. Walking up to enter the line in front of […]

Charity Ekeke Releases Eclectic Pop Album

Charity Ekeke Releases Eclectic Pop Album Nigerian-born artist Charity Ekeke has released a politically-charged pop album, She, that’s been brewing for over 20 years. Now living in Los Angeles, the singer grapples with controversial issues including prostitution, gender roles, and the Syrian migration crisis. While Charity wrote some of the songs from She decades ago, […]

The Furious Seasons look West

The Furious Seasons look West Image via The Furious Seasons’ Facebook The Furious Seasons, an acoustic trio from Los Angeles, have released their fifth studio album, Look West, a contemplative and enjoyable record that feels reminiscent of early Cat Stevens or Jim Croce. Lyricist and vocalist David Steinhart creates songs that feel effortless, like a […]