Castaway Radio jammin’ up at work

(Read to the end, and you’ll get a prize. I’m kidding, there’s just a funny video of the band.) Is it just me or does this feel like a selfie from GTAV? There are plenty of bands around who you just feel like you could be pals with, and maybe you already are. One of […]

The truth behind Fake Flowers, Real Dirt

Throughout time and also space, funk permeates our universe, from the groove to the jams; funk may sometimes be invisible, but undeniable. Fake Flowers Real Dirt are the real deal, no two ways about it. This group, and the inevitable changes that come with a large band, do a splendid job of carrying on the […]

Jason Jet: on the runway of the Charlotte hiphop scene

Jason Jet [jay-sun jeh-tt]: musical artist who is currently striving to create a thriving environment for his own creations, but also the creations of those around him.   #twitfromthepit via Molly Shores with Jason Jet Like most people in Charlotte leaning more than 1-degree left of the ‘moderate’ political standing, we’re getting tired of the […]

Local Spotlight: The Love and Loss of Music (Angwish)

Gianna Haley The Love and Loss of Music Alternative rock band Angwish consists of front man Bryan Bielanski (guitars and vocals) and Josh Griffin (drums and vocals). They started off in Charlotte during the ‘90s after Bryan’s sister took her own life. Some of his sister’s last words were: “You need to travel the world […]

Ant Bites, Heat Stroke and Vans Warped Tour

Vans Warped Tour has twenty-one stops left before everyone can take a nice, long shower. The tour hit Charlotte on July 7, and brought with it over ninety bands. It will be cruising through the New England states, pop into Canada and finally make way toward the West coast and the UK for the final stops. […]