This Week in News : Oh boy!

I’m pretty sure that in my half-delusional and sometimes random little mind that these celebrities do half of this stuff for me personally. In turn I get to write about the crazy that consumes them. These dear readers we call journalism gold, how can this stuff be real? I mean beyond the “Toddlers and Tiaras” […]

This Week in Music: WTF?

Ode to the WTF in music: It’s been a little folks. I’ve been engulfed in Occupy Wall Street movement and attempting to put on my journalism hat in another realm beyond music but I figured why not get back to what I’m really good at? This week in the Music News is going to be […]

This Week in Music

So it is upon us, another week has come and gone in the music world and this week we’ve had a little bit more active, strange and varied news reports flowing in. Here were some that grabbed my eye: The past few weeks, the entire rave has been about Occupy Wall Street. To not be […]

The Week in Music News

This week in music news: It’s short as some of us on the other side of the screen are suffering from some horrible virus and still wished to have her faithful viewers giggle a little and catch up with what little she caught on the music scene this week. Well the topic on most lips […]

This Week in Music

Please note the following bit has been brought to you for entertainment. There is a lot of tongue in cheek, a lot of real news ripped from the headlines. We all have opinions and these are mine! This week we are falling further down the rabbit hole in music media. Is it all just “publicity […]