How Koo Koo Kanga Roo Could Cultivate a Thriving Music Industry

// If there’s one GMO that I hate most, it’s General Music Obtuseness: when audiences grapple at the music they ‘love’ so much for the least amount of money. I understand saving toward important things, but I once overheard someone say “you’ll pay three dollars a day for coffee, but you won’t spend money on […]

River Jam Concerts at USNWC

River Jam Concerts at USNWC Every Thursday and Saturday night at 7pm – 10pm, through September 24, the U.S. National Whitewater Center holds River Jam. This is a concert series that Shutter 16 has fallen in love with, so we have chosen to highlight their swell line-up and ambiance. With the summer too hot during […]

Incubus and Deftones Charlotte, NC

Incubus and Deftones’ Tour Bring Huge Numbers While The Bots No-Show // Doors opened at 6:15 to a high of 87; but you could Google that. What you really want to know is “what did I miss?” “Was Incubus any good now that they’ve dropped the label and after seven years since their last full-length […]

Miss May I Album Review: Deathless

Miss May I Album Review: Deathless Like clockwork, as summer slows down, my need for new metal has arrived. Just in time, Miss May I are releasing their newest album: Deathless; it drops in a few hours (Friday August 7). You can buy it at their iTunes, via Rise Records. I got a sneak-peek at […]