Giveaway: Primus + Clutch coming to the CMCUA (7/17)

Giveaway: Primus + Clutch coming to the CMCUA (7/17)

What is the first thing you think about when you think Primus? Wacky album names, South Park, and improvised jam sessions? Legendary bass slaps and black rimmed glasses pop to my own mind! The last time I saw them in Charlotte, they had blow-up astronauts on the stage at Fillmore Charlotte, and an insanely low light scenario going on – but did I mention the fans? Their fans are nuts! In the very best way, that is. A wave of Les Claypool look-alikes strutted through the sea of cool cats and the songs reverberated at just the exact right tones all night. When Shutter 16 saw them in 2011 with Les’ slap bassing, I was mystified, stuck in place in the photo pit having trouble focusing on my camera shots and not the magnum of a show going down before me. It’s a miracle I managed to to snap some shots here and there!

California’s best, Primus is a sure fire concert to attend; meaning the price will be reasonable, the seats will be perfect, the sound will be primo, and the crowd will raise the level strangeness to the max. The pinnacle time in the show is when they perform “My Name is Mud,” from the 1993 album Pork Soda; witnessing the swell of cheers and power of the song that overtakes your senses culminates the statement.

It’s worth a chance going to this show just to experience the aviance. The lights are kept soft, the mics are set a bit low, the bass tone a bit high, and you are sure to meet someone who has been a hippie since the 70s with a story or ten to tell about all the times they saw the guys in 1984 playing a garage show. One can dream right? Fast forward to 2017 and, in the midst of a tour, the band is working on a new album scheduled for late 2017.

Photo by : Pete Troshak

Along with Primus, coming to Charlotte Metro Credit Union Amphitheatre is Clutch, who is no stranger to the Shutter office; we love Clutch! Quite frankly, you either love this stoner doom rock or you flat out completely hate them. No in between. Based out of Frederick, Maryland, Clutch has been touring hard on their latest album Psychic Warfare, for better or for worse. We feel for better, simply because it’s always nice to see bands make music for the bigger picture. Because they want to, now because they have to. Psychic Warfare is the band’s eleventh studio album, and it shows. Tightly executed songs and swells of experience are evident in every riff.

Tickets are still available for this set, and you can pick up some here! Even cooler: we have a giveaway going on – click the image for a chance to enter for a pair of tickets!

Extra info: Uber and Lyft are both offering deals on the show – Lyft is offering FREE rides up to $15 for New Users – Use PromoCode: PARTYDOWN. Uber is offering free rides up to $20 for new users – promo code: RIDEMIA27

When: Monday July 17th | Venue: CMCUA | Event PageTickets: Get one here.


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