Vesperteen welcomes Summer with “Insane”

Colin Rigsby’s chaotic love-hate relationship with music is our Summer soundtrack

From the streets of Columbus, Vesperteen is on a mission to blur the lines of what a genre truly is with unapologetic lyrics and animated vocals.

This statement is just as true as it was back in January when I wrote it as the opener for an all-encompassing piece surrounding everything that is Vesperteen. From the music to the band’s aesthetic, the culture curated by the band, a.k.a. the DIY project by Colin Rigsby, is some sort of a phenomenon. Case and point: the newest single, “Insane.”

Based on the self-titled EP, it’s no secret that Rigsby is a fan of dramatic presentation. Songs like “Drinking From an Empty Glass” and “Obsess Posses” are reminiscent of musical theatre productions, with expressive vocal deliveries and swelling melodies. This means anything the band puts out in the future is surely going to follow suit, right?

Right. Except that somehow Rigsby has mastered a different kind of dramatic art via “Insane.”


The vocals in the freshly released single are less perfect and more genuine. This is not to say that Rigsby has ever presented his vocals insincerely, but his delivery this time around hits a bit closer to home. Rigsby uses his voice as an instrument in “Insane,” desperately trying to communicate his anguish through the nuances, through the voice cracks, through the screams. Through the imperfections. This has always been one of the my favorite things about Vesperteen’s music, and such delivery is one of many indications that Vesperteen has grown as a band, and Rigsby has grown as an artist.

The lyrics these emotive vocals declare are as honest as ever, but in classic Vesperteen fashion: straightforward phrases that, when put together in a story-like manner, convey more than what’s on the surface. According to Rigsby, the song is living documentation of “the very raw experience of starting this musical journey.”

Screen Shot 2017-06-23 at 6.33.25 PMA second indication of musical growth can be found in the actual music behind the carefully crafted poetry. I felt tricked after my first listen, because I couldn’t tell if I was listening to a banger or a ballad. Somewhere within my second, third, fourth, and 15th listen, I realized that this is the bones of who Vesperteen is. Sure he’s blurring the lines of genres, but he’s also smudging what it means to create a certain kind of song. “Insane” is a theatrical whirlwind of time changes, synth-pop riffs, chants that deserve to screamed in spacious venues, and catchy drum patterns. Accompanied by skillfully produced music, “Insane” is certainly going to be a gamechanger for the Ohio musician.

It seems as if the world woke up one day, and Vesperteen was all of a sudden nearing the top of the ranks in the alternative scene. I know that it’s been anything but easy, but since the release of his self-titled EP, Rigsby and co. have gone from playing some of the smallest bars in the nation to performing for sold out crowds in Europe.

v1Fast forward to Summer of 2017 and Vesperteen is active once again.

After dropping a cover of Guns N’ Roses’ “Sweet Child O’ Mine,” a song that Rigsby was born to sing, Vesperteen has finally graced us with an original song to follow up 2016’s single “What We Could Have Been.” This activity couldn’t have arrived at a better time as Vesperteen is slotted to open for twenty one pilots’ final of five hometown shows taking place this week in Columbus, a mini-tour called Tour de Columbus. It only makes sense for Vesperteen to play at least one of these shows, seeing as Rigsby is friends with the both Josh Dun and Tyler Joseph, but I cannot express my genuine and somewhat embarrassing reaction to finding out Vesperteen will be playing the June 25th date at the Schottenstein Center.

With a new single and a killer cover to freshen up the set, Vesperteen is bound to gain a ridiculous amount of fans through this experience, and yet I feel confident that the crowd will sing alongside Rigsby with overwhelming gusto.

v2Now is your chance to jump on the Vesperteen train before he’s headlining venues like the Schott. Take advantage of seeing him perform in these smaller venues, make some friends, and enjoy these next few years because Vesperteen will be headlining before you know it. Go on, be a hipster. Brag about it. I’ll be travelling to Greer, SC in July to see Vesperteen perform at the Spinning Jenny, so come hang! You can find all of his Summer tour dates right here!

All images via Vesperteen’s Facebook


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