Brent Byrd is the Word!

Musicians seem to have a slight case of wanderlust in their veins, and once they get their first taste of living life out on the road, it’s hard to keep them home for more than a few months at a time. What exactly am I talking about? Well, touring of course! Who doesn’t love going to a new town every night, promoting your artwork, and meeting and/or making new fans? This is exactly what Florida musician Brent Byrd is doing this summer.

Byrd has been spreading his country-blues mixed music all through his home state for the past four years; this summer is no exception. With tour dates in numerous towns such as St. Augustine, Jacksonville, and Palatka, you would be missing out on an amazing up-and-coming musician if you didn’t attend.

On August 5th 2010, Byrd released his first album, Time to Start Living, that features eleven tracks, totalling around an hour’s worth of a boho, beachy, blues music hybrid. With tracks like “Hold Onto Me” and “Get It Right,” Byrd has added to the genre’s his music will fit into by performing these political hits, worthy of a protest in the sixties. Keeping with the political, boho vibe, Byrd’s second full length solo album Evolution of The Free has eight tracks, all of which I could imagine blaring from my car radio as I take a day trip to the mountains. There are subtle changes between the two albums, one in particular is that the political, stick-it-to-the-man feel you get when you listen to Evolution of the Free.    

Though life on tour can be a dream, it can also be a tad hectic. Driving to the next town you’re scheduled in, setting up at the venue, performing, tearing down, then hitting the road again. Why not add a few friends into the mix to really get the party going? This is exactly what happened when Byrd on vocals and guitar, along with Rich Bass on bass guitar and vocals, and Josh Salestrom on drums formed the group Suitcase Gypsies. Suitcase Gypsies is soulful project which not only does original tracks, but also numerous covers by The Allman Brothers, Van Morrison, Tom Petty, and The Black Crowes.

With word of Byrd’s musical talent making its way out of the Southeast and onward toward the other forty nine states, Byrd’s views on Youtube are also going up. His most played song on the popular video site is Hold Onto Me which has almost eight thousand views! With comments like “I listen to this song almost every night!! Love you guys!!!” and “Don’t forget to come to Mexico whenever you’re music grows. Best of Luck!” it’s hard not to let the support of his growing fan base make you think of the future of Byrd as an artist.

Feature image via Brent Byrd’s Facebook


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