Bare Teeth kick off summer with a gritty new EP

“First The Town, Then The World” out now!

The best part about summer, aside from warmer weather and longer days, is the undeniable plethora of new music! From worldwide sensations to underground gems, everyone is releasing something during the warmer months and it’s got me buzzing. On this list of releases is French punk rockers Bare Teeth! With only a trio of demos in their tool belt, Bare Teeth dropped their latest EP, inspirationally entitled “First The Town, Then The World,” on May 19th and it’s been all the rage (literally) in my home office.

This seven-track gritty banger has been reaching the ears of a multitude of fans across the globe, from metalheads to pop lovers, electro-fans to hipsters.

“Feedback has been very positive so far,” said guitarist and vocalist Greg. “What we are the most proud of is that even people who don’t listen to punk/rock also love “First The Town, Then The World.””

BT 2Perhaps the greatest accomplishment within Bare Teeth was the musical growth they experienced from touring the EU. Not only did performing live give the guys the confidence needed to write, but it also pushed them as musicians to hone their craft that much more.

“Most of the songs were written way before we recorded the demos,” mentioned Greg. “Between the demos and the recordings of the vocal parts of “First The Town, Then The World,” we played a lot of shows and it helped me a lot to get some more confidence in singing.”

It’s tough to appropriately respond to constructive criticism, and not everyone has thick enough skin to buckle down and take to their instrument. Greg, however, is the perfect example of what it means to take criticism for what it is: motivation to prove critics wrong and improve his craft.

“Some years ago, I had some very negative feedback when I started a band as the main singer, as I only did backing vocals before,” remembered the vocalist. “It really pushes me forward when people say they like the vocals on this record.”

But what influenced the band to write in the first place? A band is only as good as it’s core, therefore who is responsible for the building blocks of Bare Teeth? Based on the people who liked the record, it’s not hard to guess who the band are influenced by; with such a wide range of music tastes, no wonder “First The Town, Then The World” reached so many different kinds of people.

“We are really big fans of Propagandhi and A Wilhelm Scream,” said Greg. “We are also fans of many punk/rock bands, from NOFX to Blink 182, No Trigger, Good Riddance, old Green Day stuff even, if you can’t notice it in our music. We also like bands like Municipal Waste, Comeback Kid, thrash, and hardcore stuff.”

What a wide array of music for just four punks from France, though it could be argued that that’s what makes Bare Teeth’s music so unique.

“Every member of the bands listens to quite different things: Jérôme (drums) is into hip hop, Titouan’s musical tastes go from pop stuff to metal, Tom listens to a lot of bands but also electro stuff, and I’m also a big ska/rocksteady fan, and write songs that are more into a stoner/blues mood.”

It’s a wondrous thing when music connects and shapes art into new genres and sounds. And though I certainly am in love with FTTTTW, I can’t help but wonder when the next generation of Bare Teeth will begin! It’s only fair to wait for this era to get started, though, so I’m anxiously awaiting the live shows and music videos that have been promised.

bt1“Now that the record is out, we want to play shows as much as possible. We have a bunch of local shows in France and Belgium in June and September and a UK tour in July. We still have to find some more shows, especially in France and I hope we can do a 10-day European tour in November.”

So while I sit on this new EP in the US, I’m stoked for our EU friends to be part of such a special piece of music history! And, for all of us impatient music fiends, fear not because Bare Teeth is always writing.

“We also have some songs ready, so maybe we will release a split record with some other bands, but we haven’t discussed it yet,” said Greg. See! New music could be around the corner!

Until then, I’m cheering them on as they gallivant around Europe, sharing their songs and making new friends.


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