Rise Against freshen up the airwaves with WOLVES, out tomorrow

Rise Against freshen up the airwaves with WOLVES, out tomorrow

At a time when the political unrest in our country is seen more than the doctors we desperately need to survive, Rise Against, a punk rock band from Chicago Illinois, has released yet another album that will be listened to for years to come. Rise Against is known for their politically charged lyrics, activism for animal rights, and for being a “straight edge” (refraining from using alcohol, tobacco, and recreational drugs) group. They are once again voicing their opinions on the current events occurring in the United States, as well as the world, with their eighth studio album entitled Wolves, which is to be released on June 9th, 2017.

The title track of the album starts out with the lyrics, “Light all the torches, wake up the king, the smoke you’ve ignored, is a flame you can’t contain.” There is nothing quite like getting your blood pumping for a new album when lyrics that contain such imagery are the first thing you hear and begin to visualize. This track, along with the other ten on the album, are fast paced and really show off the amazing guitar skills of lead guitarist Zach Blair and rhythm guitarist Tim Mcllrath.

“The Violence,” the third track of the album, has a powerful chorus that is an anthem for young adults and teenagers alike. When individuals feel that their thoughts and opinions are not viewed as being worthy, or of being taken into consideration, they eventually give up on trying to make their voices heard. “Are we not good enough, are we not brave enough / Is the violence in our nature just the image our maker.” When people think outside the box, go against the social norm, or when they aren’t famous with countless followers on social media, individuals of power don’t feel the need to listen, and leave their audience questioning, like the lyrics above state, whether they are good enough or important enough for their opinions to matter.

“Far From Perfect,” while still a fast paced track, also has an uplifting vibe to it. The song goes into a discussion stating that even though an individual may be broken, bruised, and far from perfect, they are still beautiful works of art and are completely perfect the way they are. This track definitely needs to be heard in today’s society, especially by the younger generations who feel as if they have to live up to everyone’s expectations of who and what they should be instead of just being themselves.

“Politics of Love, the seventh track on the album, speaks of regret, and discusses speaking up when a situation is happening instead of waiting until it is too late, and nothing can be done to fix it. This is incredibly important because we hear more and more these days of online bullying, or even bullying in the classrooms where people may be aware of what is going on, but sometimes choose not to intervene, which oftentimes results in a person taking his/her own life, which may have been avoided in someone took the time to speak up.

Drummer Brandon Barnes keeps the punk feeling alive in the track, “Mourning in Amerika,” as he and bassist Joe Principe thrash and play away at the ninth song on the album. This song talks about how we need to start fighting for the things that are important to the future of our country and world as a whole. Just here in the past few weeks we have had discussions about climate change, women’s reproductive rights, and terrorism which are all topics that are important to our future, and “Mourning in Amerika” does a great job at literally making you stop and think about the future of the human race.

The tenth song on “Wolves, entitled “How Many Walls, brings up two topics which have been in the news numerous times in the past two years. The wall that was promised to be built between the United States and Mexico, and gun control in the United States. “How many walls can you put up? How many guns until you feel safe?” This track shows us that instead of focusing on putting up walls, and weapons, we need to be focusing on helping one another, and evolving so we are not doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

The album ends with a track entitled “Miracle, which basically breaks down to say that we don’t need to wait for a miracle to happen in order to make the world a better place, we need to start standing up now before it is too late! The lyrics, “The walls that surround you are only in your mind,are a way of saying that you can do anything you set your mind to, no matter how big or how small. Each and every single person in the world has overcome something in their lives that has made them a better person, and we need to take that stamina and encouragement and put it toward making the world we live in a better place before we are out of time and it is too late.

You will not want to miss this incredible album, or the tour that is soon to follow its release. Yes, Rise Against has had some amazing songs, videos, and albums in the past, but the emotions and vibes that I experienced listening to this album are indescribable and I am looking forward to the impact this album will have on all its listeners.

Track Listing – WOLVES
1. Wolves
2. House On Fire
3. The Violence
4. Welcome To The Breakdown
5. Far From Perfect
6. Bulls***
7. Politics of Love
8. Parts Per Million
9. Mourning in Amerika
10. How Many Walls
11. Miracle

Catch them on tour :


Jun 10 Michigan Lottery Theater at Freedom Hillw/ Deftones, Three … Sterling Heights, MI
Jun 11 Budweiser Stagew/ Deftones, Three … Toronto, Canada
Jun 13 Northwell Health @ Jones Beach Theaterw/ Deftones, Three … Wantagh, NY
Jun 14 The Theater at MGM National Harborw/ Deftones, Thrice National Harbor, MD
Jun 16 Blue Hills Bank Pavilionw/ Deftones, Three … Boston, MA
Jun 17 Festival Pier at Penn’s Landingw/ Deftones, Three … Philadelphia, PA
Jun 18 Red Hat Amphitheaterw/ Deftones, Three … Raleigh, NC
Jun 20 Charlotte Metro Credit Union Amphitheatrew/ Deftones, Three … Charlotte, NC
Jun 22 MidFlorida Credit Union Amphitheatrew/ Deftones, Three … Tampa, FL
Jun 23 Bayfront Park Amphitheaterw/ Deftones, Three … Miami, FL
Jun 24 Daily’s Amphitheatrew/ Deftones, Defton… Jacksonville, FL
Jun 26 The Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilionw/ Deftones, Frank … The Woodlands, TX
Jun 27 Starplex Pavilionw/ Deftones, Frank … Dallas, TX
Jun 28 Austin360 Amphitheaterw/ Deftones, Frank … Austin, TX
Jun 30 Pepsi Centerw/ Deftones, Frank … Denver, CO
Jul 01 USANA Amphitheaterw/ Deftones, Frank … Salt Lake City, UT
Jul 03 White River Amphitheaterw/ Deftones, Frank … Seattle, WA
Jul 04 Les Schwab Amphitheaterw/ Deftones, Thrice Bend, OR
Jul 06 Concord Pavilionw/ Deftones, Frank … Concord, CA
Jul 07 Mattress Firm Amphitheatrew/ Deftones, Frank … Chula Vista, CA
Jul 08 Downtown Las Vegas Events Centerw/ Deftones, Frank … Las Vegas, NV
Jul 09 Ak-Chin Pavilionw/ Deftones, Frank … Phoenix, AZ
Jul 13 Shrine Auditorium & Expo Hallw/ Of Mice & Men Los Angeles, CA
Jul 14 Shrine Auditoriumw/ The Wonder Years Los Angeles, CA
Aug 11 Taubertal Festival Rothenburg, Germany
Aug 12 Rocco del Schalcko Festival Saarbrücken, Germany
Aug 13 Open Flair Festival Eschwege, Germany
Aug 15 BayFest Bellaria, Italy
Aug 17 Frequency Festivalw/ The Offspring, B… Sankt Pölten, Austria
Aug 19 Pukkelpop Kiewit Hasselt, Belgium
Sep 14 Abbotsford Centrew/ Pierce the Veil,… Abbotsford, Canada
Sep 16 Grey Eagle Event Centrew/ Pierce the Veil,… Calgary, Canada
Sep 18 Shaw Conference Centerw/ Pierce the Veil,… Edmonton, Canada
Sep 20 Burton Cummings Theatrew/ Pierce the Veil,… Winnipeg, Canada
Sep 23 Skyway Theatrew/ Pierce the Veil,… Minneapolis, MN
Sep 24 Uptown Theaterw/ Pierce the Veil,… Kansas City, MO
Sep 26 Orbit Roomw/ Pierce the Veil,… Grand Rapids, MI
Sep 27 Rapids Theatrew/ Pierce the Veil,… Niagara Falls, NY
Sep 29 Jacobs Pavilion at Nauticaw/ Pierce the Veil,… Cleveland, OH
Sep 30 JJO Sonic Boomw/ Stone Sour, The … Janesville, WI
Oct 01 Louder Than Life Festivalw/ Prophets of Rage… Louisville, KY
Oct 03 Norvaw/ Pierce the Veil,… Norfolk, VA
Oct 04 Pier Sixw/ Pierce the Veil,… Baltimore, MD
Oct 05 Stage AEw/ Pierce the Veil,… Pittsburgh, PA
Oct 06 Stone Pony Summerstagew/ White Lung Asbury Park, NJ


One thought on “Rise Against freshen up the airwaves with WOLVES, out tomorrow

  1. Great review! I will be the first to say without reading your review I probably wouldn’t have decided to check out the album when it comes out, but the way you described the tracks really have me intrigued. I love when an album makes you actually think, so I can’t wait to check it out. Looking forward to more great reviews from you!


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