SlamCharlotte Poetry Slam delivers a slammin night

By Chris Barnes

In case you haven’t heard, Poetry Slams take spoken word events to the next level. Poetry Slams add a competitive element that tends to push the poets to transcend into a realm of creativity that even they sometimes think is impossible to reach. Even though it is a competition, the positive energy and camaraderie amongst the poets is truly inspiring to those in attendance and aspiring poets everywhere. What was once the First Baptist Church Sanctuary, The McGlohon Theater at Spirit Square held Friday night’s SlamCharlotte Poetry Slam hosted by Slammaster Boris “Bluz” Rogers.

Slam Charlotte// evening started with Bluz warming up the crowd with casual introductions and a few jokes. As people continued to enter the auditorium, he selected five crowd members to serve as judges for the evening’s competition. Seven competing poets, as well as one poet to warm up the crown (the sacrificial lamb,) tackled subjects ranging from racial injustice, religion, sex, relationships, depression, suicide, police brutality, and even prostate exams.

Normally, there are 3 rounds of eliminations to get to the top three or four winners, but this time all seven poets continued through every round to compete for the $600 grand prize. Once the dust settled, Shane took home that grand prize. She was the smallest person in the group, but this evening she had the biggest voice and the crowd showed her the most love. Then to show his love for the game, Bluz took to the stage to give the crowd an ear full of a poem that he had wrote on his views about Danielle Bergoli, otherwise known as the girl who coined the phrase “cash me outside.” Wondering how someone with a stolen demeanor and vernacular would react if someone were to really catch her outside, or if the police were to come for her as they often come for black individuals? How ‘bout that?

Slam CharlotteIf you have not had the chance to check out a poetry slam, then you’re in luck. SlamCharlotte has monthly shows that you can see or participate in if you choose. Neither is for the weak-hearted so it’s best to have an open mind and a great sense of humor. You can see their schedule at

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See full album of the night here.


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