RÜFÜS DU SOL bring their unadulterated musical magic to the Underground

Get ready, Charlotte! Here RÜFÜS DU SOL come!

Photographer: Eddie New 

Traveling from the depths of Sydney, the Australian trio that is RÜFÜS DU SOL are currently on their way to the deep South to kick off their summer tour with Slow Magic and Dena Amy. While Nashville isn’t too shabby of a place to start a tour, as they are on schedule to do so May 17th, Charlotte is what’s really going to get the party started as the band is set to play the Underground on May 18th.

After laying the foundation for their career with their award-winning debut album ATLAS, RÜFÜS DU SOL is on track to build a skyscraper of musical accomplishments, thanks to their 2016 sophomore album, BLOOM. Little did the band know, their sophomore release would do just that for their career; the band has bloomed into a force to reckoned with on stages all over the world.

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BLOOM is currently holding several titles and will most likely attain a few more before the album cycle ends. As of now, the record is certified Gold in Australia, it’s won an ARIA award for Best Dance Release, and the album’s single, “You Were Right,” is certified Platinum. The now-complete Bloom Word Tour sold out venues across the globe and the band is now making its way through North America, playing stages of all sizes and credentials.

“Heading back to the Red Rocks is definitely one show we are all really looking forward to,” said the band. “We did it last year with our buddies ODESZA; there’s nothing like that venue in the world, looking out and playing at the same eye-level as the audience as the rocks arch over. It’s incredible.”

Headlining gigs aren’t the only thing on the RÜFÜS DU SOL agenda for 2017.

“We’re also playing a bunch of festivals we’ve never been to before that have just as beautiful outlooks [as Red Rocks],” commented the band. “Sasquatch in Washington will be pretty at The Gorge, as well as Hangout Festival on the beach in Alabama.”

Before those adventures, however, RÜFÜS DU SOL have to hit up some cities they’ve ever been to before, including Charlotte. The Queen City will be treated to the band’s unique brand of groovy EDM and some fresh hits off of BLOOM. Some cities will even be treated to an after-party DJ set, where the trio can take a beat and play someone else’s music for change.

“As RÜFÜS DU SOL, we are first and foremost a live band and that’s what we love to do,” stated the band.  “We feel like our live show is what sets us apart, particularly when we play new countries, cities and audiences that have only listened to our music through headphones. After a show when we step off the stage or maybe at a party, we all love to get around the decks and lay out some tracks that we’ve been in love with.”

The trio grew up playing and having their own parties in clubs, and eventually developed a sense of music-self by staying out late and listening to what pumped through the speakers each night.  Plus, it’s always fun to jam to someone else’s music, right?


Regardless of the epic after-parties and unforgettable sets, fans will always want more, more, more. Perhaps one downfall of extensive touring is the inability to give fans more, even if you’ve just put something out. RÜFÜS DU SOL are currently learning where to draw the line between this incessant need to create and produce for themselves and the fans, and taking care of themselves. BLOOM didn’t just happen in a day, a month, or even in one place. BLOOM happened everywhere.

“We wrote our last album BLOOM across several different countries, studios & hotel rooms,” recalled the guys. “Starting in Berlin, then through to the UK countryside, back home to Sydney and finishing off parts in the US. Traveling definitely opens us up to new ideas, meeting new people, hearing new and different ways to create a sound or go about producing a song. When we’re not touring, generally we all work together in the studio like anyone would work their 9-5 job, but often come into the sessions with ideas or tracks that we’ve made a start on and want to flesh out as a group.”

With this in mind, you can be sure that RÜFÜS DU SOL have been keeping their creative juices fresh and filling the creative void with new sounds. Will they see the light of day anytime soon?

“We’ve just spent the last six weeks working from a studio in LA before we head back on to this summer tour. There’s a few ideas we’ve latched onto that we’ll work more on in the studio first, but only raw ideas at the moment. Unfortunately we have no definite release plans just yet, but can assure you we’re working hard and plan not to leave it three years between records this time. In regards to the live show, we’re always working on new edits and versions of current songs to keep the set fresh not only for returning fans, but ourselves as well – it keeps us on our toes, and creatively we can take those live ideas back into the studio.”

I know we all want new music from RÜFÜS DU SOL as soon as possible, but we’ve got to enjoy the live show first! Rest easy knowing that their set at the Underground will for sure get you hyped for what’s to come from the Australian trio. Crank up our RÜFÜS DU SOL playlist below and RSVP to the Underground’s invite! Don’t let this be the show that got away!

Find tickets for their show at the Underground in Charlotte on May 18th RIGHT HERE, as well as some tour dates for the rest of the summer here!


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