Things you should know for Reverb Fest (part II)

Get excited, CLT! RF5 is almost here!

As promised, part two of Things you should know for Reverb Fest is here and it’s ready to give you all the info you need for RF5, including, but not limited to, who’s at each venue, who we’re excited to see put on a killer set, and a few fangirl thoughts here and there.

Spread across four venues, Reverb Fest just might have the best lineup in its five year history. This piece started out as way to showcase who I’m most excited to see on Saturday, but as I stared at my gold and green journal full of notes on Reverb Fest and a lineup surrounded by flower doodles, zig zag lines, and confetti dots, I realized my list was fourteen bands long. You know how many bands are playing? Fourteen. So. Can’t do that, can we.

After some more scribbles, a coffee break, and even more flower doodles, here’s a little list of bands that I am excited to finally see! Additionally, S16 photographer Josh Gooch has piped in with some of his own choices here and there.

I gained a few new additions to my own playlists with the reveal of the lineup, but there were definitely some announcements I was ecstatic to see on the bill! A long time fan deserves to see the dang band they can’t get enough of every once and awhile, right?

infinity crushMy first squeal of joy came from the inner soft girl in me. The girl who has twinkle lights hanging from the ceiling, lavender candles lit nightly, and small pots of lilacs and baby’s-breath lining her windows. Wilmington’s Infinity Crush (Joy Void) makes music that I tend to listen to early in the morning, almond latte in hand and pillow lines still on my face. The whimsical melodies and tranquil tone of Caroline White’s voice are such treasures, and when accompanied with Derrick Brandon’s winding guitar, the result is a dream come true. Their latest full-length release, Warmth Equation, can be found right here and should be at the top of your “must listen” list.

To think! We’re going to get to hear this dreamy music at Lunchbox Records on Saturday! Their set starts at 6:30pm, shortly after LeAnna Eden & The Garden Of and Tape Waves kick off the fest. Can I be annoying and say Infinity Crush is my infinity crush?

Starter tracks: lilacs // drowning here with all my friends // heaven

Next on the list is Gooch’s choice: JMSN (White Room), the bluesy, poppy, genre-neutral artist from Detroit. JMSN’s relentless need to find new sounds and even newer ways to make them creates songs that will always fall in the lap of our ever-changing idea of what “good” music is.

JMSNChristian Berishaj, whose stage name is just as cool, does just about everything. He’s a writer, producer, and engineer, plays several instruments, and directed his own music videos to accompany the release of 2012’s Priscilla, which he wrote and produced himself!

JMSN’s newest record, Whatever Makes U Happy, is set to drop on April 28th. You know what that means, right? New music at Reverb Fest! JMSN will be playing at the Neighborhood Theatre at 8:30pm, in between Sarah Shook & The Disarmers and of Montreal!

Starter tracks: Drinkin’ // Where Do U Go // Girl I Used to Know

So far I’ve broken down our list according to venue. I started with Lunchbox and Gooch handled NT. One of my must-sees and two of Gooch’s must-sees are happening at Snug Harbor, so I’m just gonna go ahead and tell you all to get yourself to Snug as ASAP as possible.

blame the youthThe first act to grace the stage at the legendary Snug Harbor is local kick ass band Blame The Youth. You guys!!!! I’m so excited for this set because I have been trying to get myself to a BTY gig for like, what, centuries? Probably. March 7th was quite a day because I woke up to an email telling me their new EP, The Hourglass, was on Spotify. Then I dropped my phone on my face because I tried to scramble to the app without even a hint of grace.

BTY’s final track from The Hourglass, “Oasis,” has been a constant on my playlists since March and I’m not even a little mad about it. So many harmonies, so many sweet, sultry voices, so many opportunities to wish I was in a band. But I digress. They start their set at 10:30pm at Snug Harbor, which is 18+ venue by the way. Sorry, youth.

Starter tracks: Oasis // Abaca // Earworm

Right after BTY’s set is another local favorite, Hectorina. I don’t really know what y’all have been doing if you’ve been living in CLT and haven’t heard of Hectorina. This is a band that both Gooch and I have on our list, to the surprise of no one. They’re probably one everyone’s list.

HectorinaMy first whiff of the great beast that is Hectorina was when a producer by the name of Daniel Hodges posted about an album he had a hand in making. It was called A Thousand Jackals and, you guessed it, it was by Hectorina. I had been following Hodges for a bit because he worked closely with Fun. Steel Train, and now Bleachers (the common factor between all three bands is one Jack Antonoff). Why would his contribution to this piece of work be any less great? A few years later and I’m getting the chance to see Hectorina take the stage once again. They’ll step on right after BTY at 11:15pm!

Starter tracks: Why Should I Wait // I’m a Pretty Mean Hoofer, Buddy

Finishing out the RF5 part of the night at Snug is Gooch’s #1 pick for the fest: Boulevards (Captured Tracks). Durham’s dance hall funk king is guaranteed to make you boogie in the confined space of Snug and I dare you to argue with me on that. Take a listen to his latest track featuring Laura Reed called “Wear & Tear” and tell me you didn’t shimmy just a little. With influences like Prince, Rick James, and Earth Wind & Fire, it’s not hard to guess what kind of music Boulevards makes.

BoulevardsThat doesn’t mean he’s a predictable artist though. While you can hear nuances of 80s dance and soul in the undertones of his work, Boulevards is nothing if not original. He is no stranger to risk-taking, yet somehow dances on the line of familiarity; as if you’ve heard this song before but wanna hear it again another 15 times. You can watch him lay down his tracks at 12am!

Starter tracks: Cold Call // Got to Go // Move and Shout

The Station will be home to the end of the night of our dreams, where four super awesome bands will be playing fast, punky sets that will ensure you won’t be sleeping anytime soon. Just the way we like it. Gooch and I both are pretty excited to see the Coathangers (Suicide Squeeze), but that’s probably a big DUH for just about everyone going. They’ve been the talk of the fest! Atlanta’s own punk trio has been launched to the top of everyone’s playlists, perhaps more so with the release of “Captain’s Dead” earlier this month. Lucky for all of us, the band is releasing some new tunes! The new EP, Parasite, is out June 30th via Suicide Squeeze Records.

the coathangers
With their classic “jagged hooks and boisterous choruses” making an appearance on their fifth release, Nosebleed Weekend, the trio’s decade of experience and youthful musical mentality will surely demonstrate why they were slotted to close out Reverb Fest 5! You can catch the Coathangers at 12:15am, after Alright, MyBrother MySister, and Paint Fumes!

Starter tracks: Perfume // Down Down // Nosebleed Weekend

So here we are. The end of my so-called “list” that really turned out to be just a little ranting of why I’m excited for live music, (vegan) food trucks, and making about a hundred new friends. Get excited, Charlotte! Reverb Fest is almost here!

For information on set times, lineups, tickets, and literally anything else you could want to know, go to the event page!


*** TICKETS ***

Reverb Fest Pass (ALL venues/shows)

$20 ADV // $25 DOS

Tickets for Snug Harbor ONLY:

$10 adv/$10 dos

Tickets for The Station ONLY:

$10 adv/$12 dos

Note about Lunchbox Records show: A cover charge will be collected at the door from those who don’t have festival passes.

Here’s a lil’ playlist for ya!

Images of Infinity CrushJMSN, and Blame the Youth via Facebook. 

Image of Hectorina by Graham Morrison via Facebook.

Image of Boulevards by Kevin Li via Facebook.

Image of the Coathangers by Erika Reinsel via Facebook.


Set times :

Set times (doors open an hour prior to sets):

@ Lunchbox Records
All Ages
5:00 LeAnna Eden & The Garden Of
5:45 Tape Waves
6:30 Infinity Crush

@ Neighborhood Theatre
All Ages
7:00 Sarah Shook & The Disarmers
7:45 Christina Schneider’s Jepeto Solutions
8:30 JMSN
10:00 of Montreal

@ Snug Harbor
10:30 Blame the Youth
11:15 Hectorina
12:00 Boulevards

@ The Station
10:00 Alright
10:45 MyBrother MySister
11:30 Paint Fumes
12:15 The Coathangers


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