RSD, UK style

UK Record Store Day show – live at the Old Bakery Studios, Truro

By Brian Robinson Photography

On the eve of the UK’s Record Store Day, Easy Action Records and Truro’s very own independent record store Music Nostalgia hosted a night of some of the very best live music in Cornwall, at one of the newest venues in Cornwall – The Old Bakery Studios.

Four bands, all guitar based and all very unique to their sound.

…and all of the bands playing had their own releases for Record Store Day.

The night opened with a late addition to the line up, The Rezner. Having formed only seven months ago, they sounded like they’d been playing together for seven years. All of the band members are in their late teens and totally took the crowd by surprise.

Their sound drew from 90’s britpop with a good kick of rock n’ roll, but uniquely their own, and as they finished their set there was a feeling amongst the crowd that we had witnessed the start of something special. Check out their new single Cruel & Kind.

Next up were The Red Cords. Another local favourite to the Cornwall scene, they blasted the crowd with their garage pop punk. A tip of the hat to the Ramones here and there with the classic 1-2-3-4 start to some songs and frontman Charlie Murphy is off bouncing around the stage.


Playing both tracks from their Record Store Day single Gonna Find My Baby / Bad Moon Brain passed a total of 3 minutes and were and quick, frantic and fun as the rest of the set.

velvet-hands-live-truro-2This has been a busy week for the Velvet Hands. They were played on UK radio stations BBC 6music and Radio X, released their single Sick Of Living, and, following this show, they were back on the road to London to play the day after. Not that this slowed down the band; they were on fire!

A solid year of gigging has really taken the band to another level and frontmen Toby Mitchell & Dan Able have a connection and presence of Jagger & Richards in their prime. If you want sleazy garage punk rock, then the Velvet Hands are for you.

auction-live-truro-2// Auction for the Promise Club have their debut album due on June 9th, but tonight was about their new single Moonlight and a return to the live scene. Not that you’d have guessed they’d been away as they played an absolutely stunning set to the Truro crowd.


The three piece have a very powerful presence and front woman Zoe White-Chambers has an amazing vocal range which can roar and be equally soulful.

This was one of those nights that they say: “if you weren’t there, then you missed out.”

Find the full gallery here! 



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