Periphery & Co. celebrate the holidaze in the QC

Sonic Unrest Tour II makes a stop in CLT

Photos by Nathan Leslie

The Underground, the Fillmore Charlotte’s offspring as presented on their opening night, was home to the Sonic Unrest Tour II, featuring a slew of rock’s fastest drum patterns and dirtiest riffs. With D.C.’s Periphery headlining the monstrosity, friends The Contortionist, Norma Jean, and Infinity Shred rightfully filled the opener slots with their heavy, dirty, shred-happy music.

The unmissable bill visited the Underground on 4/20 of all dates, and there’s no way there weren’t some people tripping on something. Despite the chaos of the holidaze, the Sonic Unrest Tour II kicked all of our asses, as we expected of course.

Warming up the night was NYC’s “future shredders” Infinity Shred, an electronic, post-rock, metal mashup of musicians looking to put some much needed synth sounds in your life. They’re one date away from finishing up a long spring run that started at SXSW on March 17th. After spending the weekend in Austin, Infinity Shred spent the week touring with Horse the Band in Southern CA and bits of Texas; this mini-tour was all the prep they needed to take on larger stages with Periphery & Co.


Fear not, synth fans, because Infinity Shred are touring a bit in May, so you’ll get a chance to catch them before summer shenanigans begin. They’re touring their 2016 EP Long Distance, which can be found on their bandcamp alongside the rest of their discography.


Hard rock veterans Norma Jean crossed a handful of dates off their 2017 to-do list before stepping on stage as openers on the Sonic Unrest Tour II. Before April showers and killer shows started, Norma Jean took the month of March to headline their own tour and get their latest release Polar Similar inside the ears of as many people as possible.

NormaJean2017-04-20-9// soon as that tour ended, another began, and as soon as this tour ends, little ol’ Norma Jean has got a few dates planned for May and July. Check out their schedule here and see why they’re taking over so many stages this year.

NormaJean2017-04-20-5You don’t hear much about Indianapolis’s music scene, but something groovy must be happening there since The Contortionist’s graduated from that scene to the national stage. The six-piece prog-metal group are currently promoting their shiny new album Language and looking for some upward mobility in the scene, hoping to headline a massive tour of their own with this release.

TheContortionist2017-04-20-10// tonight’s show in NY, the group are heading overseas for a month long tour (read: adventure) in Europe with old pals Periphery, stopping just about everywhere in Western Europe. Trying to get to the gig? You can find a complete list of tour dates here!


Finally, oh finally, Periphery took the stage and did what they do best: challenged the confines of prog-rock, metal, and just about any sub-genre of rock you can think of.  With experiences like Vans Warped Tour and Metal Hammer’s Golden God noms, Periphery knows what it takes to put on a show while maintaining the essence of who they really are, a line that is often smudged at the expense of selling tickets and making money.

Periphery2017-04-20-8Their latest release, Periphery III: Select Difficulty, is a follow up from their 2012 release, Periphery II; believe it or not, that album was a follow up for 2010’s self-titled LP. Fast forward to 2017 and the band is supporting the third installment the best way they know how.

Periphery2017-04-20-3 Nothing demonstrates the intensity and raw emotion put into music the way live music does. Tonight is the final show of the US leg of the tour, but Europeans can catch The Contortionist’s and Periphery in a city-state near them starting May 2 in Germany! Full list of dates here.

Check out a full gallery of the night here!


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