David Duchovny Dazzles Them At The Paramount

David Duchovny Dazzles Them At The ParamountDSC_0018 ps crp

David Duchovny, who most fans identify as Fox Mulder from the hit TV series, The X-Files, wants fans to see him in a different light. As most actors do not want to be typecast, Duchovny decided in his early fifties to take up guitar-playing, something he had always wanted to do. With the desire to show another side of himself, and with such a rich life, he penned an album full of songs, Hell or Highwater, which was released in May 2015 and was produced by his bandmate Colin Lee.

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Going out on a short tour of only eleven shows, fans were lucky enough to have him make a stop on Long Island to The Paramount in Huntington, NY on February 23. It was an unusually warm winter’s night and fans were lining up outside the venue eager to get inside to see what this show would be all about. Upon entering the venue it became apparent that ticket sales were not that high but his fans were energetic and happy to have such an intimate setting.


First to take the stage was Colin Lee who played solo, sometimes with his guitar and other times on the keyboards. He sang some original songs and did a very nice rendition of Bruce Springsteen’s “Dancing In the Dark.”


The crowd was very receptive to him and clapped and cheered after each song.


Next to take the stage was a band hailing out of Brooklyn, NY: The Elevator Party.


This four-piece band was entertaining and had a really good, funky groove to their music. They had the audience moving to their beat and swaying along with them.


After a brief intermission came the moment everyone was waiting for as Duchovny and his band, Weather, came out on stage. A burst of cheers erupted as Duchovny walked over to the microphone with a huge smile on his face, waving to the crowd as they drew closer to the stage to get an up close and personal performance. After performing several of his original songs, including “3000” and “Let It Rain,” the jacket he was wearing came off and the ladies in the audience cheered with approval.


It was now time to really get the party going and Duchovny performed the David Bowie song, “Stay.” Such an upbeat song he could not be contained to the stage and he jumped off mid song and ran through the whole floor of the venue, slapping hands and dancing with his female fans, he was clearly having just as much fun as they were. Returning to the stage with a huge smile they completed the song as his fans moved back closer to the stage again.


Before doing another one of his own songs he said, “Have you ever been with someone so long that you are accustomed to them being there? Especially on long drives and then they aren’t there and the passenger seat is empty.


That is what this song is about.” They then performed “Passenger.” Continuing with a suite of songs off his album it was time to say “Goodnight,” but with the roar of cheering he could not stay away too long. Returning to the stage he and the band were all whimsically sporting what he referred to a “Pussy hats” and treated the audience to two cover songs. The first one was “The Weight” and the last song of the night was Lou Reeds’ “Sweet Jane.”


Duchovny is definitely an entertainer. He sang his songs with conviction and really drew his fans into the moment. His unique moves were all his own and added to his freestyle performance. While the venue was not sold out that did not impact him at all and he gave the audience his all. Hopefully in the near future he will do another tour and if he does, definitely do not miss the opportunity to see his performance live.


See full gallery of the night

Remaining Dates:

Today 7 PM · 114 guests
Baltimore, MD

w/ Keenan O’Meara at Baltimore Soundstage 

Wed 7 PM · 169 guests
New York, NY



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