Hello, it’s the Grammy’s 2017

GRAMMYs 2017 – Shutter16 style

In case you missed it, Adele sweeps the Grammy’s and gives heartfelt shout out to Beyonce’. And tons more!

The 57th Grammy’s were secured with nominees you might expect, superstars Beyonce’, Adele, newcomers (to the Grammy’s) Twenty One Pilots, and Bruno Mars.  But it also included some nominations and performances of hope for the upcoming year in music peeking it’s head out of the clouds –literally a few times throughout the night. But we all know pop sells; it’s actually in the definition, meaning more people like these bands than others. While gathering our tag trail to name all the bands nominated, I was surprised how many times I had to skip because it was a repetitive nomination. Seeing the merit in the abundance of talent within these artists, the hope of expanding to the artists not being promoted by the biggest names in the industry… Can we expand on this? For now let’s dive in and have some fun. We like to get a bit deep with issues such as racism, gay rights, election banter, and music. Point blank, we like music.  All this being said, let’s have some fun!

Pre-Show Thoughts:

As far as pre-show, red carpet thoughts go, we were all about the “worst dressed” category tonight. Dianna called Elle King a “snapchat filter” while Joe Jonas looks like “fell into a bedazzling gun.” Sheila still can’t get over Ceelo Green’s gold number, but you can’t deny the hilarity of the memes that came from it.

Screen Shot 2017-02-13 at 12.50.54 AM
Most awkward interview –  Joey + Rory. Grammy picks to do the interviews. Joey said he was excited to see his wife on the big screen and was prompted to “give her a shout out we will make sure she see’s it.” In one of the most public cancer fights, Rory lost hers this past year. He was a gem in a pickle and explained the situation. Our hearts instantly broke again – but a saving grace is they won a Grammy tonight and she was represented on the screen in her beauty and grace. If you have never heard their story or their angelic songs, please do so.

On a lighter note, we all learned something new here at Shutter 16! Did you know the Grammy award itself is made from a material called grammium? Don’t say we never taught you anything, kids.

And let the show begin…

A simple start to the show was perfect, with Adele herself, accompanied by an echoing piano behind. Dianna thought the legend was very graceful, but could hear the strain on the tips of her vocals. It was fun to be able to listen to this song and not cringe – cause let’s be real that happened a lot this year. You couldn’t turn anything on without Hello….

James Corden’s opening was straight up hysterical, even if it was planned. His pre-Grammy interview was amazing and he was adorable!

Despite the Grammy Committee’s warning of no political call-outs, Paris Jackson was the first to dig in- she expressed some pipeline protest (#NODAPL) while introducing the next act.

Then, an extraterrestrial experience occurred with masked intruders (Daft Punk) descended upon the stage and the neon burst brought out the Starboy #TheWeeknd Note: auto-tune should not be included inside a performance of someone with such a silky voice. It was fate that Paris introduced him, what with her father influencing his career so much. But let’s get real, Daft Punk were an afterthought and completely out of place.

On the brighter side of things, Twenty One Pilots got rid of their pants as soon as they heard Nick Jonas announce their victory! Trouser-less, the Ohio duo gave a touching story on how the regular man can start anywhere, even if that means watching the Grammy’s in your underwear five years ago, mumbling to your buddies, “if we win, we will win just like this.” And that they did.

Ed Sheeran’s performance made Molly think of cats. Dianna was on a few moment delay and about freaked when he busted out with his new single we debuted on our column New to the Airwaves; not to mention all the fun self-reverbing mechanics and live-on-TV self-harmonizing vocals! No auto-tune, all Ed, in his shiny ginger-glazed glory.

Kelcie Ballerine and Lucas Graham jumped in to perform everyone’s least favorite song on the radio circuit lately. If you are unfortunate enough to have the real radio on in the car, then you too know it poisons the airwaves (as referenced before). Lucky for us, this will be a one hit wonder. Can his 15 minutes of fame be up yet?

Tina Knowles introduced Queen Bee, who looked like literal fire and brought the fire! Performing parts of Lemonade’s spoken-word, the multi-media performance (previously recorded as well as live) was full of religious undertones. Her chair tilted back in a terrifying effect, while the dancers just showed off their sync. The entire thing was very evocative of the Goddess, especially during “Love Drought.” The performance allowed for the very-pregnant diva to sing without too much exertion, while showcasing the concept of motherhood and daughterhood. In the end: this felt much more like a Tony’s performance.

The ever-funny James Corden grabbed a bunch of R&B singers and JLo to sing with Neil Diamond “Sweet Caroline,” to which they barely know any lyrics Then again, who does?!

Mr. Suave himself came out and popped a hip for us with his stylistic rap-singing to start and then lulled us into a hypnotic sexy feel. Bringing it out to the audience to “talk to the ladies,” while overall underwhelming show. You’ll get ’em next time, Mars.

Katy Perry gave us a strange performance in the cloud and a white picket fence. This one reveals the consistent apparent vapidness that her newest single “Chained To The Rhythm” strains against. The lyrics are inspiring, suggesting we all step out of our ‘bubble’ or ‘rhythm,’ but the music is still so dull, and this performance matched quite well up until the end. With a (rather shoe-horned) superimposed US Constitution projection, the ending lead us to wonder if there was more to the song than just another single. We shall see!

Gary Clark Jr. saved us all and took us away in the abyss of blues and funk. He brought back the funk to the stage where a man and a guitar can take the stage and demand to be heard; this was an extension of his soul exposed.

Urban Contemporary Album – Bey wins, and comes out like royalty again.  The speech was empowerment personified and unity for all of our Earth’s children. Grace lives in the Grammy’s. But what else is new when it comes to the Queen?

Country contemporary meets R&B – Maren Morris and Alicia Keys really belt out the fusion of these two genres, while rocking some retro-inspired threads. There were some rocky solo parts, but they came together splendidly, voices making love on stage! Another fun fact: Morris attended Grammy camp 11 years ago and returned to the stage the best way she knew how! Hard does pay off, especially if you can wiggle your way into Grammy camp!

Time for more tears – Adele came back to the stage to honor George Michael’s spirit and love of inclusiveness and tenderness of the notes. To make you shed even more tears, the lovely Adele began her performance of “Fastlove” and was only a few notes in before she knew she just blew it…. and then started again to do him justice. Unreal. Our favorite part was the pause as she’s cursing like a trucker and then it happens. You are brought in, back in what a come back.

The illustrious Laverne Cox introduced the iconic group performance of Lady Gaga and Metallica, who just rip the fucking stage wide open with bimbo-hair thrashing and real time first.

After that insane performance, we’re somehow brought back into normality.

Post-Disney product DNCE introduced the Bee Gees, with the star studded mash-up that focused on Barry Gibb singing the song in the crowd and watching him and his brothers being honored for their contribution to our music community all these years later.  Demi Lovato was staying alive and damn nailed it! Tori Kelly piped the notes as high pitched as you might have seen in the 70s disco night. Where the flip are my bell bottoms? Little Big Town and Andrea Day rounded out a standing ovation and bow from Barry who choked up as he bopped along.

Celine Dion presented Song of the Year while speaking on her winning 18 years prior for Titanic smash hit “My Heart will go on,” and she simply says the winner is “Hello.” Adele gracefully wins again.

Busta Rhymes, A Tribe Called Quest, and Anderson Paak found a way to bring the politic scream storm to the stage and kicking down a wall, like we knew they would, telling President Agent Orange’s plan to ban the Muslims is not one our agenda; we will not bend over and take it.  They brought through the crowd those of all races with all faces of all ages to bring the power back to the people with a politically charged. It was the most effective, most Human and poignant performance of the night. In spite of the Grammy’s warning, they did this anyway with a huge middle finger to the man and most importantly the orange one. They ended with a resounding  “RESIST! RESIST! RESIST!”

“I defy you to stay in your seats right now,” The Time play their most famous of all songs then the lights go black. The Symbol illuminates letting us know it’s time…. Time to rip into a Prince tribute and the camera pans to all the fans dancing. Bruno Mars and the rest on stage are dressed as Prince – you’d think Prince jumped in his body and said “Let’s get this done son.”  Bruno makes love to the guitar on stage and we all swoon a little harder.

Oh, also… *insert awful Kanye West joke here…again*

Country royalty Tim McGraw and Faith Hill announced Adele’s Record of the Year victory with her multi-smash hit album 25. She handed the mic to her producer Greg Kurstin, as they cut him off last time and she poked at the producers for this.  *find the meme*

Ending the night with Album of the Year, Adele comes back to stage in tears unbelievable to give her honestly in motherhood and brings Beyonce’ to tears with a speech on how she empowers women of all races and times to the forefront of our nation.  With all the grace in the world, Adele tells the audience that she could not accept the award as she speaks of Beyonce’s empowering stance in the music industry. In Adele’s eyes, the award is Beyonce’s because not only did Lemonade influence her as an artist, it created yet another platform for young minorities to speak out against injustices. Adele recognized that and promptly and kindly acknowledged Beyonce as the true winner.

Our own categories:

Most relatable meme of the night:

A video posted by BuzzFeed (@buzzfeed) on Feb 12, 2017 at 5:25pm PST


Best artist no one actually listens to, but pretends to so they’ll seem hip and cool:

Chance the Rapper (please change this people!!!!)

Most shameless use of physical appearance (male and female categories):

Female – Beyonce (naked baby bump, duh)

Male – Twenty One Pilots

Best lip sync performance:

The Wknd

Best inanimate object of the night:

Tie between C-Lo’s mask and Rhianna’s flask

Most entertaining beef between two (or more) artists:

Beyonce and Kanye -(except he didn’t even show)

Worst use of auto-tune:

The Wknd

Overlooked artists of the night:

TOTALLY Beyonce *le sigh*

Best Speech:

Molly votes Beyonce; Dianna goes with Adele’s final speech about losing herself in motherhood … followed by Tribe Called Quest’s calling out the orange one. And Sheila has to stick with her emo roots and cheer for those Columbus dudes (Twenty One Pilots, no pants life!)

Best Performance:

Visually – Beyonce

GaGa & Metallica for Nostalgia and all encompassing

Best Classic Performance:

 Sturgill Simpson

Worst Performance: 

Bruno Mars’ first performance!!! Ugh!

Host Performance (1-5 stars): 

*** Pretty good start but did not get enough air time. More skits, more skits!

Award Recap:  Adele won big, performances were had – some bloody epic even with mic snafu’s, and A Tribe Called Quest took America to school. *drops mic*

You can see a full recap of all the winners from tonight’s award ceremony here!


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