Jo Dee Messina connects with fans on all levels at Whitaker Center

Jo Dee Messina connects with fans on all levels at Whitaker Center

Jo Dee Messina took to central PA this past weekend at the Whitaker Center for Science and the Arts. She came solo and gave the people exactly what they were looking for. She opened up with two newer songs for fans, “Take It” and “Breakin’ It Down.”

Third song in she was already joking with the crowd and went into an old hit, “You’re Not In Kansas Anymore.” The crowd was immediately singing along as she picked up her electric guitar and went into “Heads Carolina, Tails California.” In between songs, she would tell stories about the song. Her latest release, Me, has some great tracks including a fan favorite from the night: “A Woman’s Rant.” She sang all the hits throughout the night, including “I’m Alright” and yes, she can still hit that note! Mid set she even stopped for a Q&A with fans:

Q: What’s your favorite snack? Hershey’s Chocolate, or Coffee! I pour like 14 cups of coffee a day.

Q: What’s your major? Theology and ministry! (she just went back to school)

Q: Do you have a favorite song that you have written? Depends on the day.

Q: How about today? All of them!

Q: Where did you grow up? Holliston, MA, which is about 30 miles from Boston

Q: If you could perform with anyone who would it be? A Christmas concert with James Taylor

Q: What’s going on with Record labels? We are taking meetings; it is a lot of politics. Follow me on the socials, and we will keep you posted. Lots coming in 2017!


She finished the Q&A on a more serious note saying, “I write songs, some do not have a format. I come up with an idea or groove. At times I have a choir in my head. I do not like to sound like other people, especially when I realized we are all a broken people. None of us are perfect. The more perfect people appear, the more broken they are on the inside. We do not want to look at what’s on the inside so we dress it up on the outside.” That is exactly what this next track talks about, as she played “Masquerade.”


She finished the night strong performing her mega hit “Bye Bye” as fans stood to their feet to sing along. As the band began to exit the stage the crowd started chanting “Jo Dee, Jo Dee” and a few moments later she returned to the stage for an encore. She played two songs, both of which you could tell meant the world to her personally, as she poured her heart and soul into the songs for a grand finish. Fans that knew the tracks sang along with arms held high as she performed “Need you now” by Plumb and “Break Every Chain” by Jesus Culture. Everyone left that night with a positive impression.

Jo Dee Messina only has one more date booked as of now: March 26th at Wentz Concert Hall in Naperville, IL. Be sure to stay close to her socials, as she will be announcing more soon!

2 thoughts on “Jo Dee Messina connects with fans on all levels at Whitaker Center

  1. Would love 2 see her plan 2 come back 2 Utah again her shows are always great hear.I have a daughter named after her.she really has been my favorite.


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