Prowess parties at Amos’ for EP release show

Prowess parties at Amos’ for EP release show

Words by Sheila Walsh

Photos by Kevin McGee

Pröwess - 06

Charlotte’s own Prowess have been creating hype for weeks about their debut album, Headfirst, and last night’s release show at Amos’ Southend lived up to it. The official release date of Headfirst is January 17th, although ticket holders were emailed a copy of the record as a “thank you” from the band. Our very own photographer Kevin McGee noted that the show had the most photographers he’s ever seen for a local show! That can only mean one thing: Prowess puts on one helluva show. It’s hard to argue with such a bold statement when their guitarists ventured out into the audience.

Kickin Valentina - 11

Opening for the night was Georgia’s Kicken Valentina and two NC acts, Skulls & Whisky and Audio Assault NC. As the night closed, Prowess invited all three bands on stage for some party fun! Thirteen-year-old guitar legend Johnny Zostant stepped on stage for a bit and, according to Kevin, he was “shredding like a pro.”

You can find upcoming shows featuring Prowess here while you stream their latest singles, “Show Me” and “Overboard” here!

Performances by:

Audio Assault NC (

Audio Assalt NC - 03//
Audio Assalt NC - 09//

Audio Assalt NC - 06

Audio Assalt NC - 07

Skulls & Whiskey (

Skulls & Whiskey - 03//
Skulls & Whiskey - 01

Skulls & Whiskey - 08//

Skulls & Whiskey - 10

Kickin Valentina (

Kickin Valentina - 07//

Kickin Valentina - 05//

Kickin Valentina - 01

Pröwess (
Pröwess - 01//öwess - 05

Pröwess - 08//

Pröwess - 10//

Pröwess - 11//

Pröwess - 13//

Pröwess - 17

Check out a photo gallery of the night here!

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