Top 25 things we’ve covered this past year

Top 25 things we’ve covered this year

By Molly Shores & Dianna Augustine

Photo by: Dianna Augustine// the year came to a close we reflected on some of our coverage of 2016. Each year we are given the privilege of finding and interacting with some of the best and brightest in the industry. Be it our childhood idols or a fresh face on the screen. Pull up a chair and tune in. Photo by: Kevin McGee

We Are Not A Genre – Female Rockers Show Strength & Unity
The title says it all. This show, We Are Not A Genre, was covered by our resident musician Amanda Caines (Tattermask), and gave an inside look at the not-so-novel ‘genre’ of female-fronted bands. If you want an 8-layer feminist dip, this article is the perfect mesh of female empowerment and representation.

The F-U (Fillmore Underground) opening night!
It’s not everyday that you get to scoop the deets on a new venue opening, especially in this area, where there are more dying than being born. While we tried our damndest to get everyone to start calling it “F U”, that doesn’t seem to have stuck just yet. But alas, there may still be hope for Charlotte venues, and The “F U”.

The Few, The Proud, The Emotional in Charlotte
Our newest editor, Sheila Walsh, is a die-hard Twenty One Pilots fan. To have a bit of fun at a show – and to see how she covered said show our head Dianna decided to sign up for the show – jump in the photo pit and lock down these epic memories on film. The collaboration of Sheila’s in depth words and Dianna’s images shot this to the top of our reflection list. If you weren’t a fan before – come on in, we’ll make you a believer.

Less Than Jake and Dianna

Reel Big Fish and Molly//

Irreverent interviews in the rain at Warped Tour ‘16 (Charlotte) Part 1
Irreverent interviews in the rain at Warped Tour ‘16 (Charlotte) Part 2
What is always hotter than hell, louder than most shows, crowded, and explosive? Every year the answer is always Warped Tour. With several exclusive behind the scenes interviews, and touching afterthought – dive into our coverage this year. Or check back for previous years here.

The Cure Shimmer In The Charlotte Summer With The Twilight Sad
Covered by yours truly, I had the opportunity to experience the fan-base that is Cure fans. They were fashionable, inebriated, young, and old. The candid photos and willingness to talk a bit made this (my first Cure show) a night to remember.

Eden Rocked by Duran Duran for BBC Music day
For a second time in a year and on a different continent we had the privilege to attend a Duran Duran show. Martin comes away with a different perspective and a renewed admiration for this super-group.

Photo by: Ricky Thigpen

HB2 vs. Music
Along with many of the other ways that HB2 has impacted North Carolina, musicians used their huge, revenue-producing voice. This article touched on what the issues were, who it affected, and how big musical names chose to show their grievances, whether it be via boycott or showing up for the LGBT+ of NC.

Amidst raging fights over HB2 Snoop Dogg and Whiz decided Charlotte was the still the place to make it cloudy
Combining smart imagery and expected humungous clouds of smoke and love for all, we were treated to a performance of a magnitude unparallelled to those in his genre. He’s not the godfather for nothin’!

Alabama Shakes After the Purple Rain (Charlotte NC 4-22-16)
Despite being an iconic LGBT+ friendly band Alabama Shakes played Charlotte anyway amongst the HB2 fiasco.

Photo by: Dianna Augustine

Here Come The Mummies: post-humpday
Relive a wild night of mummy wraps and makeup from We got freaky front row and gyrated with the dead and had one of the craziest nights ever.

The Mainstream: David Bowie’s Legacy of Brilliant Oddity
The death of a legend is always felt on a mass scale. Social media has meltdowns, fans create elaborate vigils, and we are treated to the artist’s catalogue. David Bowie’s was no difference even Lady Gaga performed a large scale greatest hits performance the week he passed.

Just How New is ‘The Dirty Hippie?’
Never before has an investigative piece brought people out of the woodwork like this. Furthermore, it seems to have sent a few people back into the walls— sources indicate that the infamous Twins haven’t been seen in months. Where are they now? Stay tuned.

Lara Americo’s ‘She/They’ upcoming release gives our Editor-in-Chief unprecedented chills
When presented with a chance to interview and review a sure-to-rise musician and social voice, you must leap. Lara Americos has lept into the local scene and we’ll be keeping an eye on them for any new releases. This is what we strive for, showing off the local and otherwise unseen talent under our noses.

Septimius The Great: “Find the fashion within.”
From Molly: I had the opportunity to join the Shutter fold only a short while ago, but the first article I wrote ripped 5 ReverbNation artists a new one. Included was Septimius The Great. Of them all, he was the best sport, so I gave him another opportunity to talk about his work, which meant he created his own video package. Gold.

Day 2 at NAMM 2016. Crowds, celebrities and a resurgence of acoustic instruments…plus even more technology
One of the most heard of festivals bringing the best of the best gear in the industry for all the musical tech nerds and some super stars together are a staple in Shutter coverage history. We continue the fun here.

Punk is Alive and Rebellious in the Carolinas
This one is a great example of how awesome it is to find a local act via ReverbNation, and just fall in love. Fujiwara struck a chord with Sheila, and the punk-af band nestled into all of our hearts.

Photo by: Dianna Augustine

What’s Your Superpower? X Ambassadors at The Fillmore (NC)
Experience X-Ambassadors should be on your 2017 bucket list. This was the second show of the year for us and housed an incredible talent within each band member. The family admiration shared within the group and the incredible show left a lasting impression on our editor.

Puscifer brings Luchafer to The Paramount
Puscifer always packs a punch in stage, and for those of us who have never had the fortune of seeing them live, this gallery and overview really allowed readers to live vicariously through the lens.

Photo by: Ash Starkweather

The Band Perry plays with Jana Kramer
So far as divas go, The Band Perry and Jana Kramer know how to make love to the camera. For anyone with nosebleeds or not in attendance, this was a night to behold, full of beauties.

Acts of God or just another day for Slipknot, Marilyn Manson, and Of Mice and Men?
Before Of Mice and Men vocalist Austin Carlile left his band due to Marfan syndrome he opened for iconic bands Marilyn Manson and Slipknot. Combined with a kickass gallery from our photographer it was a show to definitely talk about.

Reeve Coobs’ album-release party preview: are you a ‘beReever?’
We all have fun here on staff, and we really click with light-hearted musicians we meet. Local ball of talent Reeve Coobs let her personality shine just before hitting the stage, for a bit of improv with Molly.

Jason Aldean and his army take over Walnut Creek
Sweaty sexy cowboys on a stage in front of thousands of screaming fans. The smell of stale overpriced beer and you’re in for a damn fine country show.

The one and only: Common’s Aahh! Fest
The politically outspoken Common brought together a fest for the ages.

Photo by: Luke Jamroz

Goodbye outdoor venue season: Korn closes this year’s show at PNC Music Pavilion
The opening and closing show of the outdoor concert season is always a huge party.

Emo Night Brooklyn gives Charlotte an emo makeover
Love of music doesn’t have to be shameful! Nor does it need to be a ‘guilty pleasure’. Here we embrace the emo and get back to the roots of highschool, when Sheila waxes seriously poetic.

Photo by: Kevin McGee

We hoped you enjoyed this trip down memory lane. The ups, the downs, the tragic goodbyes and the new hello’s to some artists we believe will one day be on the legends list. The new year is a time for rebirth, what artists do you think will break through this year?



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