FLAUNT returns with “The Antics of More Youthful Times”

FLAUNT returns with “The Antics of More Youthful Times”


Following the success of their album RAVE NOIR, artists Justin Jennings and Joseph Vitterito return as FLAUNT with “The Antics of More Youthful Times,” a 7-track atmospheric EP. The two connected on social media in 2014 and collaborated extensively on the songwriting and production process to create cohesive and enticing music. Showcasing their music on SoundCloud, the duo have generated a small but prominent following. Their breakout album RAVE NOIR was a bold undertaking; each of the 18 tracks on the album has an accompanying music video. The project invited fans to watch the album’s narrative rather than just listen to it.

The EP’s single, “Outbreak,” has a strong beat and sounds reminiscent of alt-rock tracks of the early 2000’s. The vocals don’t standout on this track, but the remainder of the album boasts a stronger lyrical presence. The synths on “Something Different” feel like a Bollywood track and showcase the band’s potential. The details on the track, such as the reverb from an acoustic guitar, give the song a sense of being recorded in an intimate studio space. The big surprise on this EP, however, is the band’s cover of Adele’s “Send My Love.” Turning the soulful pop song into a dark, hard-rock track might not appeal to everyone, but it’s certainly a unique take on the track. The harmonies and heavy guitar sound like a blend between Linkin Park and Evanescence.

FLAUNT have announced plans to release another full-length album sometime in 2017.

You can purchase “Outbreak” here!



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