Bitter’s Kiss give new music for the holidays

Bitter Kisses give new music for the holidays

Photo by Dustin Rabin
Photo by Dustin Rabin

Holiday music can often feel cliche and underwhelming, but New Jersey’s budding popstar Chloe Baker (aka Bitter’s Kiss) has changed that with her new single “These Bells Will Ring.” The singer/songwriter has been amassing a huge following since 2015 and already has millions of listens on SoundCloud, as well as millions of views on YouTube. Following in the footsteps of other powerful female songwriters, such as Regina Spektor and Carly Simon, Bitter’s Kiss offers a stripped down sound with soft vocals and thoughtful lyrics. Her breakout single, “Love Won’t Make You Cry,” feels personal and important without falling into a trap of being too sentimental. Baker’s songs gently nudge her listeners to follow her into a diary of her deepest thoughts and worries.

In collaboration with electronic-pop group Blue Stone, “These Bells Will Ring” offers simple lyrics with a powerful message of peace, love, and a remembrance of the true meaning of the holidays. “Peace will come when the world is one,” Baker sings; a soft and melodic background makes this song fitting for the holidays.

Proceeds for this single will go towards Shared Hope International, an organization dedicated to ending sex-trafficking and aiding victims who have been affected. You can buy the single here!



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