New Gallery: The sights of Pop Evil with Citizen Zero at CDEC

Date: Dec 10th, 2016. Greensboro NC
Venue : Cone Denim Entertainment Center :
Tour – Pop Evil and Citizen Zero –
Photographer: Luke Jamroz
You know when you see a band name and you think to yourself, “I already know what that band sounds like,” and, lo and behold, upon first listen, your preconceived notions were spot on? Perhaps that’s just me, and I find myself playing this game a lot. If one were to play this game with Pop Evil, who just shook Cone Denim Entertainment Center with their melodic noise, I think we’d all lose. Unlike their name, Pop Evil are the exact opposite of what we as a culture have defined as pop music. It’s sick. Lethal riffs, dirty drums, and a songbird for a vocalist all intertwine to generate a “larger-than-life true rock n’ roll band.
The genre-manipulating group stopped through Greensboro, NC on December 10th. Joining them on the road is Detroit quartet Citizen ZeroPop Evil are currently supporting their August 2015 release, Up, while Citizen Zero are showing off their own newest record, State of Mind.
You can find tons of photos from the show here!











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