The Retrograde Tour treats Greene Street to a wake up call

The Retrograde Tour treats Greene Street to a wake up call

Photos by Kevin McGee

Crown The Empire - 12

Does anyone else feel like last week was a blur of long days with family, extravagant tables of food, and frantic nights of shopping? The week of Thanksgiving always seems as if it’s one long day from Wednesday to Saturday, and while that might not be everyone’s ideal situation, you can always count on a killer show to break the streak and shock you back into the norm. Crown The Empire (Rise Records) did just that for many North Carolinians as they stopped through Greensboro on the 26th on The Retrograde Tour. The Texas five-piece played the legendary stage at Greene Street, with Blessthefall, New Years Day, Too Close to Touch, and Light Up The Sky, in support of their latest release, Retrograde.

Blessthefall - 01

Greensboro is one of the final stops on The Retrograde Tour as the band stops through Florida and finishes up in their home state of Texas in early December. The month-long tour kicked off on the West coast, hitting up various cities in California, and made its way to the East. The tour is so tightly scheduled that the bands played a show the day before and after Thanksgiving; trekking across the country in a month can’t be easy, but The Retrograde Tour made it happen.

Light Up The Sky - 03//

Light Up The Sky - 07

Rise Records-newbies Light Up The Sky are busy making a name for themselves on this tour as they support their latest release, Nightlife.  

Too Close to Touch - 03

The same could be said for up-and-comers Too Close to Touch (Epitaph Records).

Too Close to Touch - 05

The Kentucky five-piece should count their lucky stars since they landed a spot on a tour like this because there’s not doubt it will launch their career. The bands on this bill will only bring good news for TCTT as they support their current album, Haven’t Been Myself.


New Years Day - 06//

New Years Day (Another Century Records) have been a busy bunch since my first encounter with them last year.

New Years Day - 10

The Cali three-piece are supporting Malevolence since it’s release and have done nothing but grown.

New Years Day - 04

Ash Costello has become an idol in the hardcore scene as a badass, unapologetic frontwoman, while her bandmates demonstrate that there’s no such thing as too heavy.

Blessthefall - 03

Blessthefall (Fearless Records) landed the direct opening spot on The Retrograde Tour and are currently supporting their latest album, To Those Left Behind.

Blessthefall - 10

The five-piece group brought a mix of metalcore and screamo/rock to the tour, giving audiences a refreshing set while preparing them for the force of CTE.

Blessthefall - 04Crown The Empire (Rise Records) are presumably finishing up their 2016 schedule with The Retrograde Tour before heading into 2017 with fresh ambition.

Crown The Empire - 05//

Crown The Empire - 04//

Crown The Empire - 01//

Crown The Empire - 10//

You can find the rest of the tour dates here! See full gallery here. Fan photos can be seen on our facebook!



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