15 things that go through your head while you camp out for a show

15 things that go through your head while you camp out for a show

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What’s the longest you’ve waited for a show? An hour? Maybe two? Or are you more of a show-up-at-doors-and-hope-you-get-a-good-spot kind of show-goer? Believe it or not, there are some people who will wait in line for days to snag a front row spot. Most of the time, people will spend their days simply hoping for a spot at the barricade and end up in the middle of the venue!

Camping out for a show isn’t a groundbreaking idea or anything new; in fact, it’s quite the opposite.

Justin Bieber is playing in Rio de Janeiro on March 29th, 2017 and, according to some retweets on my timeline (paired with jokes and mild ridicule), some Beliebers have been camped out in front of the Praça da Apoteose since last week! That’s four months of camping for a two hour show. I’m not 100% sure how accurate those tweets were, but I would not be even a little surprised if they proved to be true.

The Dead 27s at River Jam 2015//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.js//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.js

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve done my fair share of camping out for shows, but nothing longer than overnight and certainly not by myself. As you’re reading this, the good people of London have been queuing for twenty one pilots’ Nov. 11 show since yesterday morning. Fans camped out for a week before night one of their sold out shows at Madison Square Garden earlier this year! As soon as the show ended, many went back in line and camped for the next night. Amazing.

What makes a band so special that you’re willing to camp overnight, sometimes over multiple days, on a dirty square of concrete with a bunch of strangers so that you might get a front row spot for two hours? I mean, I get it, have done it, and plan on doing it again in February when my favorite band makes their way through the Carolians, but it’s honestly hard to explain; maybe I’ll write a piece about it one day. For now, I’m here to tell you 15 things that go through your when you’re embarking on the unreal journey of camping out. Buckle up. It’s gonna get weird.

As soon as you arrive at the venue…

15) Am I gonna die here?

14) Nah, I’ll be fine. Don’t be dramatic. Okay, but did I bring enough food and/or water? That’s a trick question because I’d eat anything.

13) Bathroom. Where’s the bathroom!? Oh god.

12) Honestly, who cares about anything because I’m seeing about to see (insert band name here) so FIGHT ME.

11) I don’t mean that, I’m just amped for the show, but for real… Am I going to die here? Stop it, I’m fine. I should try to get some sleep.

10) Never mind I’M TOO EXCITED. Also, whoa, that. Sunrise. Is. Gorgeous. Gotta snapchat this real quick.

9) Oh look, there’s a filter for the show!!! I should probably take a selfie with the dog filter too, for good measure.

8) How is that girl putting on her makeup without a mirror? How do I make her my best friend? Should I even put on makeup? What’s makeup?

7) I should probably chug some water or I’ll pass out. Don’t wanna have to leave the pit like last time….. Gotta stay strong. Like Alli always says, “the strong will survive… the weak will fall.” Ugh, who even am I?

6) Maybe if I ask these people nicely they’ll save my spot? I really need to hit up that bathroom… Do they like snacks? I’ll offer them some snacks.

5) Oh my god, it’s only noon. How am I going to entertain myself for the next six hours? WAIT. I brought coloring books and markers, let’s go.

4) Why is everyone here so talented?! That girl is drawing the band and that dude is playing the guitar and those people are comparing tattoos they designed themselves and here I am, excelling at the art of sandwich making.

3) On more pee break y’all

2) Can you believe I just waited this long for one show…. Am I nuts? SYKE THIS IS GOING TO BE AWESOME AND I’D DO IT ALL OVER AGAIN


If you somehow still have your wits about you as doors open, then you, my friend, are a true hero. And I salute you.

Is there a band you would camp out overnight for? 




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