11/9/16 Emo Night

Happy Wednesday! I’m here to deliver another playlist for you and this time we’re getting old-school emo. As Shutter 16’s resident emo kid, I couldn’t not make this playlist; although I have to admit, I’ve had it made for months. What, like I’m not gonna have an emo playlist handy for when I’m feeling nostalgic?

That feeling was kickstarted when Emo Night Brooklyn came through Charlotte last month. It was a solid night of New Found Glory, drawn-on Converse, dark clothing, and a ton of dancing. Also known as: my dream night. Remember a few months ago when I made a playlist called “Pop Punk Night Club” and told you all about my dream job? No? Here ya go. Now you know.

If you missed Emo Night Brooklyn, you can read about the project and its humble beginnings here. When you’re done wishing you had been there, you can sift through photos of the night while listening to my emo playlist that I may or may not have been listening to for weeks on end… but that’s another story for another day.

What were you listening to in 2006?



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