Submission Spotlight – Election Day

Submission Spotlight

Bon Jovi (8)//

I’d like to welcome you to one of our newest columns. We will periodically be funneling through our SoundCloud, Spotify, email, and so on and picking some of the stick-out submissions and sometimes we are going to be brutally honest with our opinions. This keeps it fresh, as well as honest. For our newest addition to this column here are some bands that grabbed my attention.

Hi-de-ho my dear musical family, it’s another beautiful week in the lower 80’s here in the QC this first week of November.  Here’s how this day is going with preparing this article for the masses: it started while I sipped on my Pumpkin Spice air, cause lets face it that sh*t’s nasty; kicked off my fall boots because I already started to sweat after five minutes in them…and ripped off my super big scarf  because it’s basically summer still. I’m left with a messy bun, damp skin, and an inkling to still find some good tunes to help me with this awkward weather and drink-selection slump. What was good, indifferent, and outright awful, this week that came across my desk? Let see…

Varsity Week – Genre:Alt-pop

A debut album is coming our way from alt-pop band Varsity Week. The first single, “Anyways,” can be heard exclusively on TWIST magazine. Above was a valiant effort on the bands part with the song “Prove.” They are sort of a mesh of a muddled down AFI and anthemic sounds of Coldplay, but could very well be paired with AWOLNATION and Mumford and Sons for an epic tour. If you are looking for some music to bop to in the car on the way to work during a moment you have to even convince yourself you need to go to work – this is the new band to turn to. Move over Pharrell, “Happy” is getting an upgrade. (

Owel – Genre: Alternative

Vocals are an instrument unto themselves. The silken touts of vocalist Jay Sakong are enough to sell me on this band. Add in the cleverly crafted strums and tinkerings of the band and you are in for a treat. A very subdued chill vibe comes with this single “Pale Soft Light,” that was illustrated and animated by Sakong.  Their latest release, “Too Young to Fall in Love,” from their sophomore full-length, Dear Me, which will be out on November 11 via Equal Vision Records is pushing their music to new heights. This will surely be on one of your playlists soon.


Downfall of Gaia – Melodic Doom Metal

A big day for worth-while new releases is November 11th. Downfall of Gaia will release their fourth full-length, Atrophy, via Metal Blade Records. The latest single “Ephemerol,” somewhat sounds like the band is singing into a tin can but is enticing enough to have you wanting to find the other tin to be able to understand and connect.  The punchy hard slaying of guitars and blast beats bring this doom metal band to the top of the emails this week. Good lord, this stuff is awesome. I want to paint my face and stand hard browed in the crowd and rock out internally so hard I almost pass out. GET THIS ALBUM.(

The Citizens Band – Genre:  Jam band conglomerate

November 8th is breathing down our neck and while I will not go into too many specifics, I did not vote orange and I am going to be attending a Bon Jovi concert this Sunday in Charlotte for someone else. I will say this it’s integral for everyone to use their right to vote. My entire family fought for my right and I really believe in honoring them. The single  “Vote” – says it best – if you don’t vote you hurt yourself, you can’t blame nobody else! What a perfect time to find this song! (

Molly Warburton – Genre: Singer song-writer

Another single in the nick of time is Molly Warburton’s take on Bruce Hornsby “The Way It Is.” While the song originally spotlighted life in 1980s America, casting a critical eye over society and reminding the listener that things can change for the better if apathy can be overcome.  This go around it shows how some things can be strictly simple yet effective, especially with a keyboard, acoustic guitars, and haunting vocals the band brings me back to my youth. Remakes are usually daunting where you are left wanting the feeling you had when you first heard the song; Not this go around. Being able to carry a song with such a stripped chords and groovy specifics gets my vote. (

Until next time – share music with the world!

Want to be featured? Please submit your work for review to or add to your press release list. We will be periodically picking artists to feature on this ongoing “Submission Spotlight” column. Thank you!



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