Metal fantasies come true at Milestone with Scythia

Metal fantasies come true at Milestone with Scythia

Saturday, November 4th brought a well-earned dose of heavy metal and punk rock to the QC, particularly to the world-famous Milestone. Scythia, The Seductions, Avalon Steel, Knightmare, Good Good Grief came together to put on a show that tore down everyone preconceived notions of what being a metal band is.

Scythia - 01

// Seduction

The Seduction hails from western North Carolina and closed down the show. According to the band, this four-piece have had “three years of fast, furious, party rocking and no signs of slowing.”

The Seduction - 07

The Seduction - 05// Seduction - 09// 

Avalon Steel
Charlotte-favorites Avalon Steel gave the audience a taste of old school heavy metal and have made a reputation for themselves with their sick riffs. Honestly, that’s all you need to know. The music speaks for itself.
Avalon Steel - 10// Steel - 04//

Avalon Steel - 03//


Scythia is a Canadian band you should get to know as soon as possible. Their albums and live shows incorporate poetry, storytelling, and vivid tales inspired by ancient Slavic imagery and Balkan music. 2014 saw their third full-length album, Of Conquest, that quickly made way for their latest release, Lineage. Progressive power metal, folklore, celtic/gypsy music, and a sprinkle of progressive rock encompasses everything that is Scythia.

Scythia - 06//

Scythia - 05// - 10// 

Knightmare is the 2016 version of the classic heavy metal sound. Straight out of Raleigh, this NC band has mastered the metal formula with sounds from their classic favorites and innovative takes on what makes the genre special.
Knightmare - 06// - 01//

Knightmare - 05//

Good Good Grief

Good Good Grief is a punky-heavy band of few words. Simply put, they “sound like a nightmare.” And that’s all you need to know. Oh, they’re also from Wilmington!

Good Good Grief - 08//

Good Good Grief - 06// Good Grief - 02//

For the full gallery, Click Here!



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