Gallery: GroundZero reveals hellmouth at Halloween metal show

Halloween spectacles at Ground Zero

As far as Halloween shows go, there’s nothing like a good-ol-fashioned-costume-concert full of metal bands. At GroundZero in Spartanburg, SC, Kevin McGee probably dressed up as a banana to enjoy the $5 cover discount and blend in with the metal scoundrels of the night.

Rapheumet teased new merchandise and new music to come and a killer new drumhead. Five-piece triumph-metal, Rites to Sedition continue bringing their black metal to locals. Azymyth show their faces again since June, having fully re-solidified their mugs since the last face-melting. Finally, Krvsade make this entire event a well-balanced meal, while amping to play with Umbra and Surgeon at the Milestone the next night.

Krysade - 05//
Krysade - 02//

Krysade - 10//

Krysade - 11

Azymyth - 11// - 08//

Azymyth - 09//

Azymyth - 06

Rites to Sedition - 10//
Rites to Sedition - 01

Rites to Sedition - 05//

Rites to Sedition - 06//

Rites to Sedition - 07

Rapheumet’s Well (

Rapheumet's Well - 01//'s Well - 03//

Rapheumet's Well - 08//

Rapheumet's Well - 09//

Rapheumet's Well - 10//

Rapheumet's Well - 14//


Full gallery of the night can be seen here.



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