An act of aggression.. make that four acts

An act of aggression.. make that four acts

The Fillmore Underground was the place to be if you wanted to catch the 2016 Aggressive Tour featuring Beartooth, Every Time I Die, Fit for a King, and Old Wounds. You generally don’t think of Tuesday nights as the ideal time to get wild, but this tour made sure everyone in attendance did just that.

Beartooth 32

NJ’s Old Wounds kicked things off promptly at 7. Unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond my control I missed their performance, but would strongly urge you to give them a listen if their name is one you’ve not heard yet.

I saw them last year in a much smaller setting and they were absolutely flawless. to get music so heavy it’ll break your neck.

Fit for a King 15

This was my first experience with Fit for a King, and after seeing them I doubt it will be my last. Their stage presence is as intense and unrelenting as their sound. Having never heard them before I wasn’t quite sure of what to expect, and while it’s not typically the style of hardcore/metalcore that I listen to, I had a blast watching them play.

Fit for a King 14

The crowd definitely fed off the bands energy, and it appeared as though the band did the same of the crowd. This all came to a head when bassist Ryan O’Leary dove from the stage into the crowd while continuing to play. This is the kind of crowd interaction that any fan loves to see.

Every Time I Die 15

Every Time I Die is a band that’s been around for almost as long as I’ve been going to shows. Their performance on this tour took me back to being a kid and climbing over other people to scream off-key into any microphone I could get to.

Every Time I Die 26

It’s tremendously impressive to see a band still playing with this much energy after all these years. The sea of bodies surfing over the barricade was made even better once vocalist Keith Buckley announced, “Most bands want the crowd surfing to stop when the song stops. Not us. Keep coming.”

Every Time I Die 32

I’m somewhat unfamiliar with most of their more recent material, which is what the band primarily played, but they mixed in some of their classics throughout the set which had the older fans screaming along and moshing like maniacs.

Every Time I Die 29

Truly a band that needs to be seen live to fully appreciate how great they are, and if I’m being honest I almost think they sound better live than on a recording!
// 14//

This tour takes its name from Beartooth’s latest record, Aggressive, with good reason. Every band on the tour gave their all to make sure the crowd was doing the same, and that aggression all culminated when Beartooth took the stage. Closing out a show of this magnitude and maintaining such a high level of intensity would exhaust even the most seasoned musicians, but Beartooth was able to go from zero to 100 from the moment the first song started and maintain all of their aggression to the very last note.

Beartooth 11

Though, it should be worth noting they did take a short break on stage where the band took a knee and the lights dimmed so vocalist, Caleb Shomo could speak with the crowd and encourage them to take a moment to catch their breath. The break lasted only a moment before the band was right back up to 100% and had everyone in the place screaming along and surfing over the barricade.

Beartooth 06

Tours like this, of this level of intensity and aggression are few and far between. Look at the dates below and find the closest one to your location, and then make arrangements to attend. You’ll be happy you did.

Remaining Tour Dates:





Nov 02

The Palladium

Worcester, MA

Tickets & More

Nov 03

Webster Theater

Hartford, CT

Tickets & More

Nov 04

Upstate Concert Hall

Albany, NY

Tickets & More

Nov 05

Mr. Smalls

Millvale, PA

Tickets & More

Nov 06

Orbit Room

Grand Rapids, MI

Tickets & More

Nov 08

House of Blues

Cleveland, OH

Tickets & More

Nov 09

Ready Room

St Louis, MO

Tickets & More

Nov 11

Express Live!

Columbus, OH

Tickets & More

Nov 16


Hasselt, Belgium

Tickets & More

Nov 17


Cologne, Germany

Tickets & More

Nov 18


Hamburg, Germany

Tickets & More

Nov 19


Sneek, Netherlands

Tickets & More

Nov 20


Copenhagen West, Denmark

Tickets & More

Nov 21

John Dee

Oslo, Norway

Tickets & More

Nov 22

Debaser Strand

Stockholm, Sweden

Tickets & More

Nov 24


Helsinki, Finland

Tickets & More

Nov 26


Berlin, Germany

Tickets & More

Nov 27


Poznan, Poland

Tickets & More

Nov 28


Leipzig, Germany

Tickets & More

Nov 29


Prague, Czech Republic

Tickets & More

Nov 30


Wien, Austria

Tickets & More

Dec 01

Randal Club

Bratislava, Slovakia

Tickets & More

Dec 02

Durer Kert – Room 041

Budapest, Hungary

Tickets & More

Dec 04

Legend Club

Milano, Italy

Tickets & More

Dec 06


Zurich, Switzerland

Tickets & More

Dec 07

Boule Noire

Paris, France

Tickets & More

Dec 08

Shepherds Bush Empire

London, United Kingdom

Tickets & More

Dec 09


Leeds, United Kingdom

Tickets & More

Dec 10


Glasgow, United Kingdom

Tickets & More

Dec 11

O2 Institute

Birmingham, United Kingdom

Tickets & More

Dec 12


Manchester, United Kingdom

Tickets & More

Dec 13

Engine Rooms

Southampton, United Kingdom

Tickets & More

Dec 14


Cardiff, United Kingdom

Tickets & More

Dec 16


Dublin, Ireland

Tickets & More

Dec 17


Belfast, United Kingdom

Tickets & More



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