Things got heavy with ASG

Things got heavy with ASG

ASG 20

Things got heavy Saturday night in Plaza Midwood neighborhood as Wilmington’s ASG came through the Queen City to make a stop at The Rabbit Hole. Local bands, Green Fiend, The Seduction, and Violent Life Violent Death made sure the crowd was wide awake before ASG took the stage.

Charlotte new comers, Violent Life Violent Death, opened the show with a performance that set the tone for the rest of the night.

Violent Life Violent Death 13

Their intense live show is one that genuinely takes me back to the early 2000’s when I first started seeing bands like Hopesfall, Poison the Well, and 18 Visions.

Violent Life Violent Death 11

With such an energetic live show I have to urge you to see them for yourself so you can fully understand what I’m talking about.  Your next chance is this coming Saturday at Doom Fest in Wilkesboro, NC (

Violent Life Violent Death 08

“We’re not a mosh band, so move up and bang your head,” said Joshua Taddeo of Green Fiend.

Green Fiend 21

They certainly had people banging their head Saturday night. Another Charlotte-area five piece band, they play heavy stoner doom metal, and they’re always a blast to catch live.

Green Fiend 08

They recently released a video for their song “Higher Than Heaven (Heavy as Hell)” that gives a glimpse at how hard these dudes party and how heavy their music is.

While most bands fit into smaller sub-genres of rock, The Seduction is just pure rock’n’roll.  The quartet had fans baging their heads from the first note, to the last.

The Seduction 22

They played a lot from their newest release, which according to one fan in attendance is “probably the best stuff they’ve done so far”, but they also mixed in several older songs in order to cover their full catalog so far.

The Seduction 05

They’re a genuinely fun band tto see live, and with music that good it’s almost impossible to stop yourself from banging your head, or tapping.. rather, stomping your foot to the beat.

Just after midnight ASG took the stage to close out a night of incredible music.

ASG 18
There aren’t many bands that can say they’ve been writing music this good for over 15 years, but the Wilmington four piece most definitely can. The tempo of the crowd matched that of the music perfectly, going from slow cathartic head banging along with their more mellow tracks, to wild mosh pits that accompanied their faster, more intense tunes; and then back to the former as they slowed things down again.
ASG 22
I think I can best sum up their performance with a quote from a pal of mine that was also in attendance Saturday night, “ASG blew me the fuck away!” – Maegan Severt.
ASG 09
She’s certainly not wrong in that statement. The band played a solid mixture of music from their years together so far, and even through a broken guitar string were able to keep their sound tight.  You ever see a band live, and swear that it was a recording when you closed your eyes?  That’s how ASG sounded throughout their hour-long set at the Rabbit Hole.
ASG 08

See full gallery of the night.



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