Emo Night Brooklyn gives Charlotte an emo makeover

Emo Night Brooklyn gives Charlotte an emo makeover

Emo Night Brooklyn

The year is 2006. My Chemical Romance just dropped The Black Parade, swooping bangs and studded belts were around every corner, and Warped Tour was thriving. Ten years later, you’re all grown up and probably refer to the days of MySpace, extra-skinny jeans, and deep v-neck shirts as “the good ol’ days.” You might have even created a playlist of all the songs you used to cry to in your bathroom while drawing on your Converse with Sharpie.

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What if I told you there was a place you could go to relive those golden memories while simultaneously forgetting the impending responsibilities you’ve been anxious about for months?
Emo Night Brooklyn

Welcome to Emo Night Brooklyn: a night full of drinking, dancing/moshing, maybe some crying, and tons of angsty music from the glory days. As Shutter 16’s resident emo kid, I can confidently say that this is, hands down, one of the coolest events I’ve ever heard of. (Anyone catch that Dashboard Confessional reference?)
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ENB began when a pair of best friends and emo-music aficionados Ethan Maccoby and Alex Badanes decided their love for music and going to shows would be a super cool career.

“We grew up in England, just south of London… and went to tons of shows,” said Maccoby. “When we weren’t going to shows, we would go over to each other’s houses with our friends, blast music, and drink beers.”

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At age 18, the two moved to the States and attended college in Boston, although they eventually found a home in New York. The emo-themed parties began as mini-hangouts in their dorms and soon demanded a bigger space. That’s when the duo decided to throw a party in the basement of a small bar in Williamsburg, and when the party turned out to be a massive success, the boys made Emo Night a monthly event that eventually demanded even larger venues, such as Brooklyn Bowl and Irving Plaza.
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“Rocking out to great music, drinking beers, and singing along had always been such a big part of our lives that we wanted to share it with even more people and make the party more epic,” said Maccoby.

And they did.

Emo Night Brooklyn

The need to move to larger spaces turned into a desire to travel across the country. Maccoby and Badanes have taken ENB to Las Vegas, Florida, New Jersey, North Carolina, Maryland, and even back home to London. Everyone from bankers to bloggers have found themselves at these shows to experience the greatness that is ENB. Members of New Found Glory and Yellowcard often guest DJ the sets and bring even more attention to the event. What’s even cooler is that Maccoby and Badanes share the stage with many of their idols, including Fred Mascherino of Taking Back Sunday.

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“I loved when we had Ace Enders come and play a couple acoustic songs,” recalled Maccoby. “I have always been a big fan of The Early November. I was standing on the side stage just in disbelief that Ace was here playing because of us.”
Emo Night Brooklyn

It’s not hard to understand why an event like Emo Night is so popular and why legends of the genre want to host. According to Maccoby, this is the music those in attendance grew up with, “and it brings them nostalgia.”

“When you meet someone that likes the same music as you, that grew up with it, you have an instant connection,” Maccoby told Shutter 16. “The atmosphere of the show is nothing short of euphoric.”
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The euphoria at each show could be the result of a few things: the music, the alcohol, or the enormous lack of sleep. A normal show day for the guys typically begins with an early flight, although they do travel light with only five bags. They’ll explore the city if they can, but they often find themselves making a mad dash to the venue and kickstarting a pre-game party that includes tons of Red Bull. Once on stage, the real party begins and everyone’s inner-emo emerges. Shows tend to last until four a.m., after-parties are common, and a rekindled obsession with Blink-182 probably happens to many.

Emo Night Brooklyn

One of the factors that have cities begging ENB to stop through their state again is the two-man crew’s way of being unapologetically friendly. Shutter 16 photographer Jimmy Warsham noted that the guys went out of their way multiple times to engage with those walking in. When you create a well-oiled, mega-emo machine, you’re bound to attract superstar guest DJs and have cities demanding your return.

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Charlotte is no exception and lucky for us, we’re on the list titled, “Future Plans” (a.k.a. the imaginary list I just invented but am assuming they have for such a cool project). It doesn’t hurt that Ethan and Alex love Bojangles, a restaurant that can be found once every mile or so in the Carolinas.

“Our plans are just to keep making every party more epic than the last; to keep people guessing and coming back for more,” said Maccoby. “We are continually expanding to new cities to spread the love, but we love coming back to do shows consistently to see all the familiar faces again and again.”
Emo Night Brooklyn//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.jsIf you’re anything like me, you’re probably scrambling through their website in search of dates near you. Don’t worry, friend. They’re making their rounds across the U.S. so we can all cry together over the emo genre. Check out tour dates here and while you’re at it, skim through a photo gallery of the night here.

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