The Summer Set in Columbus!

The Summer Set in Columbus!


// Summer Set brought their “Made For You” Tour to the A&R Bar in Columbus. Throughout the night the crowd went from a few people in the front few rows to a packed house with ages ranging from around 10 to late 70’s, proving that The Summer Set’s music really does reach all ages.


Opening the show was Hudson Thames. Hudson wowed the crowd with his upbeat pop tunes.


This newcomer brought his own sense of style to the show, and started the night off with a great energy. The crowd seemed to love it the best when he did multiple duets with co-opener William Beckett, and The Summer Set’s Brian Dales, and Jess Bowen. Overall Thames put on a great performance, and has a bright future ahead of him in music. 


William Beckett, of band The Academy Is, played a solo performance Saturday night. He serenaded the crowd with ballads and a few upbeat numbers. Beckett paid a heartfelt tribute to his sister, with his song “Just You Wait” which is about dealing with self-harm, depression, and divorced parents. The crowd went wild for an Academy Is tune called “About a Girl”, belting out the lyrics “I’m not in love, this is not my heart. I’m not going to waste these words, about a girl.”

The Summer Set ended the night with an amazing amount of energy. Front-man Brian Dales ran, danced, and jumped all over the A&R stage. How he can do all of that and belt out lyrics to their popular tunes and make it all look effortless, amazes me. Jess Bowen, was a powerhouse on the drums and kept the beat going all night long. The band had the crowd up on their feet dancing and singing along all night long as well. It was especially fun to see people of all ages enjoying the music The Summer Set brought to the stage. People of all ages were dancing singing, and having a great time. The bar was packed with people, so much so it was hard to move, but everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves.

TheSummerSetOverall “The Made For You” Tour truly is made for groups of all ages. So if you’re looking for a fun night, with great music, and even greater friends, this is definitely the tour for you.


Full gallery of the night can be seen here.

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Photographer: Amanda Langley:


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