Balance and Composure incite mosh pits in an otherwise calm crowd

Balance and Composure tour

Balance And Composure

Cat’s Cradle, a really cool quirky venue in Carrboro, NC, is hosted the Balance and Composure tour. The place filled up faster than I thought it would, but then again this was a Friday night in a college adjacent town.

Mercury Girls (21)

So the first band took the stage, Mercury Girls; I had no clue what they sounded like, but I’m glad I got to see them live, because they have amazing energy.

Mercury Girls (6)

Their sound is a mixture of the very iconic indie sound, with surf guitar riffs, low end bass, and female fronted vocals. They had a very carefree attitude on stage and were a very tight sounding band.

Next up is Foxing, I asked around before the show to see what people were excited for, besides the headliner, and there was a very big group of people that were just as pumped to see Foxing as they were to see Balance and Composure. So I took that as a good sign, and holy shit was I floored from the moment Foxing played their first note.

Foxing (37)

Foxing is one of those bands that you could, if you had to, force into to a genre or even several sub-genres deep, but in the end that wouldn’t tell you a single damn thing about what they sound like. I will tell you as my best estimate what their sound is, but honestly just listen to the song below.

They are a mixture of indie rock, jazz, post-hardcore, and ambient to jam band, and honestly that’s not really even close, because the biggest component about them is the energy they exude on stage, you get to see the trumpet being played and the cello and violin being strummed, the vocalist running around the stage.

Foxing (42)

To put it shortly this band is an experience. The crowd was very calm, dancing in place, but very quickly turned into a mosh pit and rushed the stage by the second song. I’m no stranger to a mosh pit, I’ve been in and started a few. But this was unexpected and it was the happiest/funniest energy at a show I’ve been sucked into in a very long time.

Foxing (24)//

So I am quite a fan of Balance and Composure, so much so, that when I got the green light for this show I was beyond ecstatic. The show I thought would happen and did were two different things. Balance and Composure take to a blacked out stage. The only thing remotely visible is the very interesting lighting rigged up behind them all, with a nearly full venue. If you’ve never heard Balance and Composure, there in the post-hardcore/ indie-rock/ alt genre. I wasn’t ready for the chaos of the crowd. There were mosh pits, crowd surfers, some of which I caught with my head and moved them out of the way. It was good times.

Balance And Composure (14)

The light show was a perfect accompaniment to their live show. Balance and Composure were super energetic and I think they were surprised by how the audience was just as excited for the show. All in all, Balance played a tight set and was a great band to see live.

Balance And Composure (50)

They played several of the new songs off of their latest, Light We Made, and unlike a lot of shows when bands play new material, that didn’t slow the energy of the room down. It just kept adding fuel to the fire. The audience chanted for an encore, which Balance answered with two songs.

Balance And Composure (42)


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