Birds in Row and friends take on the World Famous Milestone Club

Birds in Row & friends take on the World Famous Milestone Club

“I’m getting too old for this shit.” A line made famous in the movie franchise Lethal Weapon is one I think of frequently as I find myself being more of an adult each day. I recognize how old I must seem when I smile a little bit as I read “Show starts promptly at 9” or the slight dread of seeing 5 bands on a bill when I only really know of 2. These are thoughts that just a few short years ago would have been foreign to me. A steady job, relationship, and a newborn child have brought many thoughts and decisions my way that seem contrary to my love of live music, dive bars, and cheap beer. The decision to get off my ass can sometimes be tough, but once out always rewarding, and once again I was rewarded with a trip to The Milestone.

This night delivered a stacked bill of heavy music that was really, really loud. Do I sound like an old man again? Anyway, touring acts Birds in Row, Frameworks, and Listener have been making their way around the states and stopped in Charlotte for this night where they were joined by local acts Violent Gods and Cabron. The Milestone has a knack for assembling well put together shows such as this that showcase local talent as well as bringing in unique touring acts and this night was not any different.



  Violent Gods   



      Birds in Row  

See full gallery of the night.

Upcoming dates

Birds in Row

10/14: Hamden, CT @ The Space

10/15: Cambridge, MA @ Hardcore Stadium

10/16: Buffalo, NY @ The Mohawk

10/17: Elyria, OH @ Blank Slate

10/18: Nashville, TN @ That 70’s House

10/19: Louisville, KY @ Modern Cult

10/20: Indianapolis, IN @ TBA

10/21: Detroit, MI @ The Sanctuary

10/22: Chicago, IL @ Subterranean Downstairs

10/23: Mulwaukee, WI @ JJ’s

10/24: Minneapolis, MI @ Reverie Cafe

10/25: Des Moines, IA @ TBA

10/26: Denver, CO @ 7th Circle

10/27: Salt Lake City, UT @ Beehive Social Club

10/28: Boise, ID @ Wastelander Studios


10/30: Gainesville, Fl @ The Wooly part of “The Fest”


10/15 Cambridge, MA @ Hardcore Stadium (Cambridge Elks Lodge)

10/16 Albany, NY  @ The Low Beat

10/17 Lowell, MA @ Hi Hat at Mill No. 5

10/19 Nashua, NH @ The Riverwalk Cafe

10/20 Montreal, Canada @ TurboHaus

10/21 Gatineau, Canada @ Le Temporarie

10/22 Toronto, Canada @ The Garrison

10/23 Hamilton, Canada @ The Casbah

10/26 Ithaca, NY @ The Chanticleer Lounge

10/27 Lancaster, PA @The Lizard Lounge

10/28 Lakewood, OH @ The Foundry Concert Club

10/29 Metamora, OH @ Benfer Farmhouse

10/30 Indianapolis, IN @ Hoosier Dome

10/31 Saint Louis, MO @ Fubar

11/01 Kansas City, MO  @ Davey’s Uptown




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