The Fall – Live at the Princess Pavillion, Falmouth, UK

The Fall – Live at the Princess Pavillion, Falmouth, UK

By Brian Robinson Photography


Was it genius, or was it awful?  That was a mixed feeling from the crowd leaving the Princess Pavilion in Falmouth following the show from Manchester’s legendary postpunk band The Fall.


The evening began with a new band from Cornwall, Mildred Maude, who were playing their third show ever.


The set comprised of one epic instrumental which began life as quiet guitar feedback and then built into a wall of sound.


Considering much of the crowd had not heard of Mildred Maude or knew what to expect they seemed transfixed by the Mogwai-esque guitars and post punk sound; these guys were definitely the highlight of the night and I think we can expect to see and hear a lot more from them in the coming months.


Mark E Smith is often referred to as a legend and their live performances can either be a hit or a miss.  This time it was the latter.


Three years ago when the Fall last played Falmouth it was a hit, and tonight’s crowd were expecting the same.


But sadly there was something missing.


Drunkenly staggering around the stage twiddling with the band’s equipment, Smith led us through a set consisting of mainly new material and the occasional old tune; “Tuff Life Boogie” and the Big Bopper cover “White Lightning.”


Although the band were solid and are the most consistent Fall line up over the years, they missed the presence of keyboardist and Smith’s wife Elena Poulou.


As the band left the stage we wondered if we’d witnessed a stroke of genius or something awful?  Whatever you thought it was certainly entertaining.

// full gallery of the night.

Forthcoming Tour Dates:


2nd November 2016 SO36, Berlin, Germany

11th November 2016 Oslo Psych Fest, Norway

19th November 2016 Fibbers, York, UK

21st January 2017 The Loft, Arts Club, Liverpool, UK

28th January 2017 Kentish Town Forum, London, UK

29th January 2017 Concorde 2, Brighton, UK



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